Jumbo size, water blanched peanuts roasted in corn oil and lightly salted. Jul 9, | Posted By Rene from Easley, SC United States .. me to Aunt Ruby's peanuts and suggested we stop at the factory on our way home to Pennsylvania. . Healthy Peanuts How to Roast Peanuts How to Make Peanut Butter How to.

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Peanut butter factory easley sc

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But I bought a lot of perfectly fine un-dented canned goods for cents a can. It's one of the most disgustingly wasteful and stupid things millions of Americans do. Oh well, no room left in the buggy by the time we got to the dairy aisle of this large depot of deals. Or frying up a piece of bacon next to my eggs can't beat bacon grease for flavor there or to dice up for a spinach salad topping.

Peanut butter factory easley sc

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Bargains always has great deals on bacon. The Jockey Lot is a square grey spot maybe 5 miles southwest of Pelzer right on Hwy 29 - which is the highway you'll cross over shortly after exiting I if you take exit 32 on your way toward Pelzer and Bargains Foods.

Peanut butter factory easley sc

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I sure hope for his sake all is well with it. Well now I know we do! Good frugal tips for everyone - NEVER carry balances and try to rack up credit card reward points, miles, or cashback bonuses in the case of Discover Card.

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Yup, not your average grocery store. Labels often don't tell the true tale about country of origin. I was hoping food wasn't on any of the pallets in trailers or outside

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Most of the salvage food business is built on brand close-outs. Most things appear perfectly fine, but I noticed a few things that were cheap for a reason related to the actual manufacturing process, maybe. The nuts in it taste a whee bit stale and there is light-colored spots on the bars, as if the cocoa powder had not been mixed in well in the factory. I should have listened to the family member who told me not to buy it.

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Proves Bargains is not just for food deals. Pasta lasts a very long time anyway. For other types of payment, such as check or debit cards, you may want to call the above number and ask.

CLOVERDALE DR, EASLEY, SC License No: FPR AGRIMARK INC CHATEAUGAY PLANT .. HANKS HIGH PROTEIN PEANUT BUTTER. Jun 12, - The proximity of the plant would have made liv- .. Mailing Address: P. O. Box , Easley, SC .. chocolate peanut butter bacon pie. Bi-Lo Foods Coupons and Weekly Sales Greenville, SC .. Peter Pan Peanut Butter Creamy. Buy 1 Get 1 Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Minis, Original.

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So even bargain bins of beef don't impress me much. But foods from China I particularly distrust due to their history of recalls, all the recent serious contamination incidents, and their lax or non-existent environmental oversight.

Peanut butter factory easley sc

You're Gonna Love Bargain Foods in Pelzer South Carolina" I think every frugal person who gardens, cooks, and loves deep discount grocery stores like Bargain Foods in Pelzer SC should have a freezer because it allows you to load up on these types of food sales - from breads to meats to vegetables to fruits to cheeses. On the day this image was taken it was close, but on Saturday morning there are hundreds of vendors and thousands of bargain hunters The locally famous Anderson Jockey Lot is a great place to find deals on just about anything, including farm fresh fruits and vegetables - such as the regional favorites: Carnivorous Bargain Hunters Rejoice There were also big packages of clearance meat randomly piled up in one cooler.

Peanut butter factory easley sc

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