Feb 27, - Check out these important tips for building thick skin in your life - and stop feeling so easily threatened and offended by what people say or do.

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Overcoming oversensitivity

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Many conscientious and high achieving people fall victim to this nagging fear. I want to be able to roll with the punches and take life lightly! And in the process you confuse conscientiousness with overwork, empathy with over-identification, compassion with over-tolerance.

Overcoming oversensitivity

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I interpreted this as meaning the leader was rejecting me and thought that I was less skilled than the other volunteers. This may mean accepting them as they are, warts and all.

Overcoming oversensitivity

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Seek out kindred spirits and know that you are NOT alone. These people bristle if someone mentions seeing a movie or reading book of which they do not approve. The brain is a powerful filter that molds experiences and perceptions of reality. Maybe you want to yell at them, or punch them, or tell them how much their band sucks.

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Instead, we should show love to others by being patient with them and slow to anger 1 Corinthians God wants us to experience joy, good health, and peace in our lives.

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And you allow your true potential to blossom. Some of you reading this may be considered one too.

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They are taking a small situation and turning into something much bigger than it is in the grand scheme of things. Your gifts of sensitivity include deep reflection and an instinct to see all angles and consequences.

Despite being highly sensitive, I am not hypersensitive. It's extremely difficult to hurt my feelings because I have solid coping skills. (It hasn't always been that Missing: overcoming ?| ?Must include: ?overcoming. Jan 19, - The reasons why Christians should realize they are being oversensitive and steps to overcoming these negative feelings. Feb 27, - Check out these important tips for building thick skin in your life - and stop feeling so easily threatened and offended by what people say or do.

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Many highly sensitive people learn to ignore the messages their bodies are sending them. The best fiction strikes at our heart, reminding us that we are flawed and fabulous, unique and much the same as everyone else, and that ultimately our duty is to live well and leave a residue of goodness with those we love, not squander time fretting about the perceptions and slights of others. When we can overlook words or actions that have hurt and angered us, we are showing love to our offenders Proverbs

Overcoming oversensitivity

It appeared that I was not being used nearly as much as other people. This oozes into your health, your relationships, your career, every aspect of your life or, it builds tension inside until something has to give. At the same time, if you overprotect yourself, your genius goes unexpressed, and that also can lead to stress and ill health.

Overcoming oversensitivity

Overcoming oversensitivity

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