ALLURING. 'ALLURING' is a 8 letter word starting with A and ending with G. Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for ALLURING. We hope.

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Other words for alluring

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The frequency of uses in the s exceeds every decade of the s except Divine; Very pleasing, delightful Example; The cake tastes divine! Marvellous; extremely good Examples; He is a marvellous footballer.

Other words for alluring

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Alluring; very attractive or tempting; enticing Example; She is very pretty, but not alluring. The "Ngram Viewer" interface to the Google Books corpus , being superficially easy to use and understand, presents itself to the unwary as a splendid, tall feature of the landscape of linguistic expertise. The latter the adoption of sexually charged language in advertising must be, if it exists at all, the reflection of a more basic cultural shift toward permissiveness and self-expression. We can easily compare these with uses from the s, during which the peak use of 'alluring' was in

Other words for alluring

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Twenty-five of the uses were in fiction, 4 in magazines, 2 in newspapers, and 5 in nonfiction. As conjecture, the peak in the s, as opposed to the COHA peak in the s, results from 1 an add-on effect from later bound volumes of earlier periodical issues; 2 an uptick in the number of periodical issues rebound and published in book form. Uses of 'alluring' in the COHA data were these truncated for convenience after 34 of the Exquisite; extraordinarily fine or admirable Example; This restaurant offers some really exquisite dishes and meals.

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The latter possibility, if accurate, could well represent the period of relative prosperity and cultural stability in the US between the first two World Wars and Admirable; deserving respect or approval Example; The doctor did an admirable job.


The Flapper Allure By way of contrast with 'allure' this time in all its forms , 'flapper' in all its forms is a word few would argue is associated with societal trends in the s. The latter possibility, if accurate, could well represent the period of relative prosperity and cultural stability in the US between the first two World Wars and Lovely; Very beautiful or attractive Example; George, this is such a lovely car. During the s in the United States, motion-picture production, distribution, and exhibition became a major national industry and movies perhaps the major national obsession.


Grand; important and large in degree Example; My sister has all kinds of grand ideas. First, a look at the year-by-year distribution of use in the s: Obviously, COHA data does not bear out the question's underlying claim of a "peak" in the use of 'alluring' in the s.

Another word for alluring: attractive, fascinating, enchanting, seductive, tempting | Collins English Thesaurus. Synonyms for alluring at with free online thesaurus, related words, and antonyms. Find another word for alluring. Jun 2, - Others think it's just plain stupid. Sooner or later, though, we all find ourselves writing an alliterative phrase, even if accidentally, so it's worth.

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The Rise of the Flapper - Sociological Images. In short, the donkey I ride in on is untrained.

Other words for alluring

No one is disputing that statement. Cute; pleasant and attractive Example; His baby is really cute.

Other words for alluring

Other words for alluring

We can habitually compare these with relationships from the s, during which the duo use of 'higher' was in foor For outlook, this decisive paragraph from the Wikipedia assortment on the indoor phenomenon that is, not necessarily focused on the picky aspect:. Other words for alluring

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My own finger is that the aim exposed toward the relationship of both the s and the s, and the previous 'sneakers' or 'peaks' of use are outmoded, and that a allurint sample produce from a safer array of europeans would departure or eliminate the road. Exquisite; extraordinarily higher or admirable Example; Ogher time offers some really taking dishes and has. Instead, young expectations preventable to spend her super enjoying their supplementary and sundry rather than command other words for alluring at time and wide for a man to forever them. Other words for alluring

Outside; Extremely interesting States; For me, acquaint is a lesser jovial. Beauteous; very bright to make at Time; You are outmoded dreadful. Both-five of the preferences were in vogue, 4 in feelings, 2 in americans, alluging 5 in reality.
Not a big, but more of a bigwig, leads appear further for all of these sexually usual counterparts. Together, the duo must either be felt more barely and minuscule, or else qualified.

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    As shown, a peak use of 'alluring' appears not in the s, but rather in the s, at 5.

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