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Ormeau runners

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The first time I crossed the finishing line, I was pinching myself. I love running and I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to get healthy and have fun doing it. Mark had put on weight, too, but it wasn't as noticeable on him as it was on me. When people see how I looked three years ago, they don't recognise me.

Ormeau runners

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There are so many events out there, like Born2Run, Runher and countless other organised weekly racing events. Belfast woman who used to be overweight is now ready to run a marathon BelfastTelegraph.

Ormeau runners

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Katie Mc Donald also took gold forming part of the Louth U11 relay team. You don't feel like eating heavy food after running, but if you do have a treat, you can burn it off. Today I am eight stone lighter and I volunteer twice a week to support and run aside beginner runners starting out.

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Mark is proud of me, too. I walked a few charity 5k events and gradually built up to a bit of running.

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I very quickly became hooked and started to sign up for races and runs on a weekly basis. It proved a very successful and worthwhile trip.

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Since she started running in January , the customer services executive and Belfast Running Club member, has lost a remarkable total of eight stone in weight and has come down five dress sizes - from size 24 to size I would have eaten all the wrong kinds of food and didn't exercise, and I would have spent most of my time glued to the TV, drinking wine. See Facebook for photos.

Sep 30, - Over runners competed on Sunday in the Donegal East 12k road race, .. Michelle Johnston f F40 Ormeau Runners Ballycastle Runners AC Secretary: Majella Connolly Club Pulse Runners Secretary: Sonia McNeice, RR . Ormeau Runners Secretary: Sinead Barnes, RR. 22, , Alexander, Gary, Monaghan Town Runners, M 23, , Alexander, Janine, Ormeau Runners, FOpen. 24, , Alexander, Mark, Springwell.

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Mark had put on weight, too, but it wasn't as noticeable on him as it was on me. Running meant I didn't have to go on a diet, as such, but I definitely found I was cutting down on portions and was not drinking as much alcohol or eating as much takeaway food, after I started running and training three or four times a week.

Ormeau runners

I love the fact that events like Born2Run and Runher go from the very elite to the beginner. I entered lots of races and events - once you have signed up, you have something to work towards.

Ormeau runners

Ormeau runners

I approximate to do ormeau runners about overwhelming my chaos and prohibited for the better, with the function of my husband Open. Juvenile runenrs continues on Towards at 7. Ormeau runners

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I don't have an informal weight, as for me it's about dating ormeau runners. The first present I reduced the finishing line, I was head myself. Ormeau runners

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    When people see how I looked three years ago, they don't recognise me. I entered lots of races and events - once you have signed up, you have something to work towards.

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