Nov 16, - The following oral sex tips are definitely not for shy readers, who would most certainly be scandalized, horrified, and potentially hypnotized by.

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Oral sex technic

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Body language often says enough. Make your way up to her clitoris, then move your tongue in a swirling motion all around her clitoral hood. Move your tongue between her clitoris and her labia for a truly pleasurable experience.

Oral sex technic

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Most men don't find that very pleasurable, however. Body language often says enough. Resist the urge to increase your pressure. If you exert too much pressure on the glans, that can be too intense for some men.

Oral sex technic

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That can also lead to little cuts on the glans, and those will make it easier for STIs to be transmitted. Go with your hand halfway up the shaft and work your mouth over the head of his penis.

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And if you squeeze it a bit, the glans will swell up, making it larger and even more sensitive. That means you need to pay attention to his signals: The 69 position works best for deep throating.

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And if you feel like it, lick his perineum as well. Watch out for your teeth: If you give blow jobs without a condom, make sure you get tested for STIs once every six months. Precum is not dangerous in terms of HIV.

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For that reason, make sure that the man you are giving a blow job to does not come in your mouth but withdraws in time. You know how sensual and exciting a french kiss is and feels, well, imagine your man not only feeling you french kissing his penis, but also seeing you doing it. The 69 position There are various positions you can try when you are giving a blow job.

Nov 28, - Do you know how to give oral sex? I mean oral sex that blows his mind as well The techniques shown in this video are going to have him. Oct 12, - Sex columnist Anka Radakovich explains how to give your partner great oral sex and have her coming back for more. It's a Tantric Sex technique that works wonders at any point by relaxing her and facilitating her orgasm. Apr 13, - The only thing more satisfying than being on the receiving end of great oral sex is knowing that you did a great job performing it on your partner.

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Keep a rhythm and increase the peace The 69 position works best for deep throating. Resist the urge to increase your pressure.

Oral sex technic

So when you stimulate it juuuuust right… usually, after a few minutes, it builds into this sheet-soaking, toe-curling release… for both of you. If you feel that you are about to gag, try to swallow.

Oral sex technic

Oral sex technic

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    Depending on your style, she can either use her own strength to grind her hips against your face, or you can take control and send her over the edge on your own. For that reason, make sure that the man you are giving a blow job to does not come in your mouth but withdraws in time.

  2. Zuluktilar says:

    If you grasp firmly but not too tight, you will keep the blood inside the penis, engorging the head and making it more sensitive to your maneuvers.

  3. Doukasa says:

    The glans of men who are circumcised is usually less sensitive, so they would often rather have you stimulate the head of their penis at bit more strongly.

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