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Nicole kidman birth chart

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You have a deeply rooted sense of rejection and feeling as though you are somehow unworthy, and this makes it hard for you to believe that the people you care for are to be trusted. This tendency to take things lightly makes them quite pleasing to be around; but it can be maddening to people seeking support on the deeper issues in life. Science, and its systematic approach, feels foreign to you and you do best in the creative realm, learning by being exposed rather than by traditional methods. Nevertheless they are fickle and can convincingly argue for the exact opposite side when the situation changes.

Nicole kidman birth chart


You are likely talented with your voice somehow, and may use this talent for singing, speaking in public, or perhaps being involved in a career where the quality of your voice is important. Through the obstacles in your life, you have discovered how to channel your emotional energy and cravings into productive endeavours instead of letting them tear you apart. Your faults are arrogance and a love of display, but Jupiter here usually works in a positive way.

Nicole kidman birth chart


With the Sun in Gemini, the urge for self-expression is strong. Even though this can be a blessing in order to understand better other people, any native with a prominent Neptune can suffer from oversensitivity towards such currents. However, people value the amazing abilities you bring to the table. In personal charts, the planet can be an indicator of genius minds, yet also show mental disease and illnesses connected with the nervous system.

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He forces us for quick results, and this can create a warrior from us. This may give to a career dealing with the population on a grand scale, perhaps in publicity. You dislike hard work and will shun doing anything you deem as laborious.

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Someone charming who knows how to sweet talk, will go a long with you; you desire to feel like you mean the world to your partner. You are attracted to mysticism, the occult and the esoteric.

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Mental focus and control must be developed. By structuring our lives, we will be able to come closer to achieving our dreams. With difficult aspects your imagination may sap your energies, make you subject to strange experiences and bring on hard-to-diagnose illnesses.

Birth Chart: Nicole Kidman (Gemini). Nicole Mary Kidman, AC (born 20 June ) is an Australian actress and film producer. Kidman's breakthrough roles were. gemini leo Nicole Kidman astrology birth chart. Nicole Kidman, A Gorgeous Gemini With Lashings Of Luscious Leo! Nicole has a gorgeous Gemini Sun, making. Nicole Kidman has had her share of bad relationships, and her very public and humiliating split from Tom Mars in her chart is in Libra, the sign of relationships.

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At times you may find yourself frozen when you are unsure whether or not others will approve of your actions. Logic is difficult for you to find when you are angry, your thoughts tend to be muddled during this time, and you are not able to rationally convey why you are feeling such rage.

Nicole kidman birth chart

With challenging aspects, you could have financial trouble either through mismanagement or an extravagant partner. Whatever is beautiful and catches our eye, whatever brings us a desire to observe it or claim it for ourselves, is governed by Venus. You are drawn to situations, people, or subjects that project a mysterious quality and you are always up for the challenge of figuring them out.

Nicole kidman birth chart

Nicole kidman birth chart

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    You are unable to restrain yourself yet it is often the best thing for you. The intensity with which you attack anything leads to new approaches in painting, literature, religion, politics and all facets of life.

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    You do not hide your intentions, but rather take a direct, honest approach in these matters. Even though this can be a blessing in order to understand better other people, any native with a prominent Neptune can suffer from oversensitivity towards such currents.

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