Urban Centres in New South Wales. Sydney. Sydney, the captial of New South Wales and the largest corporate and financial centre in the country is situated on the south-east coast of Australia. Newcastle. Central Coast. Wollongong. Albury. Maitland. Wagga Wagga. Port Macquarie.

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New south wales cities

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The University of Newcastle has over 38, local students and 7, from over countries worldwide. Don't take fruit or vegetables into the Riverina area, including the cities of Broken Hill and Griffith and the town of Hay.

New south wales cities

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Daylight Saving is observed from the first Sunday of October to the first Sunday of April the following year. The northeast corner of New South Wales including Tweed Heads and Kingscliff is reasonably well serviced by an extension of the Gold Coast transport network. The drive north from Sydney along the coast is all about the towns along the way.

New south wales cities


Sydney is the city with the most significant population size in New South Wales followed by Newcastle, and Central Coast. In the farmers formed the Country Party , led at national level by Earle Page , a doctor from Grafton , and at state level by Michael Bruxner , a small farmer from Tenterfield. Discounts are often available for advance purchase. The name was given by Captain Cook 18 years earlier during his first voyage of discovery, after the country of Wales.

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The road stays by the coastline for much of length, with numerous towns and villages to stop in. By plane[ edit ] Most New South Wales cities are within a day's drive of each other, there are a number of airlines that connect cities in the state: The Pacific Highway towards Coffs Harbour changes rapidly between new sections of high quality freeway, and older sections of winding, two lane road. The SMR is notable for being the second last system in Australia to use steam haulage.

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I visit the Gold coast every now and then as it is only a few hours away. Anybody got any advice for Mark? Winter generally isn't the time for beach swimming in New South Wales, with the season generally being between October and March - maybe a little earlier up north, and maybe a little later down south. The female population in Central Coast surpassed the males by 3.

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Inland settlement was at first impeded by the rugged Blue Mountains for a time and settlers did not cross the mountains until There will be a signpost with the frequency near the entry to the town. Visitor radio is available in many towns as you drive through.

This is a list of cities and towns in the Australian state of New South Wales with a population of 10, or greater as at the Census. The below figures. Many tourists come to New South Wales to visit the city of Sydney and its attractions. While much tourism is focused on Sydney and the coastal areas, the whole  Area?: ?, km2. Cities, towns and suburbs in New South Wales, Australia (NSW) starting with A.

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Many towns have a bus service especially to meet the trains to and from Sydney in a nearby town. The word cossie or swimmers short for swimming costume refer to a bathing suit - don't call them "togs" as used in Queensland or "bathers" as used in Victoria.

New south wales cities

If you go to see the Albury Football club play, they will be scoring goals and behinds rather than trys and conversions. By sea[ edit ] Sydney Harbour is one of the major stops for cruise ships during the summer season.

New south wales cities

New south wales cities

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    By plane[ edit ] Most air travellers to New South Wales arrive at Kingsford Smith International Airport [5] , 8km from the Sydney central business district, which is Australia's largest international and domestic airport.

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    Japanese POW camp in Cowra, , several weeks before the Cowra breakout By the outbreak of World War II in , the differences between New South Wales and the other states that had emerged in the 19th century had faded as a result of federation and economic development behind a wall of protective tariffs.

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    Baird resigned as Premier on 23 January , and was replaced by Gladys Berejiklian. The new state would have consisted of much of northern NSW including Newcastle.

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    Winter generally isn't the time for beach swimming in New South Wales, with the season generally being between October and March - maybe a little earlier up north, and maybe a little later down south. Can you please say something about this city.

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