The latest Tweets from Nathan Winograd (@nwinograd). Attorney, animal lover, journalist, No Kill advocate, vegan, husband & dad. San Francisco Bay Area.

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Nathan j winograd

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By his third year of law school, Winograd was working full time as a supervisor for the San Francisco SPCA shelter, which had worked tirelessly to limit killing. Animals deserve nothing less. All throughout history, regardless of the situation in Rwanda or Darfur or Cambodia no one ever suggested euthanizing the human victims of abuse and violence.

Nathan j winograd

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We never go on vacation. So there was active unrest, and three of the board members wanted to make a change. As social movements go, No Kill has brought some pretty fundamental change in a relatively brief period.

Nathan j winograd

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If they have a good quality of life, why not put them into hospice care rather than kill them? These organizations may tell you they want No Kill.

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According to Winograd, shelters vilify the public for a companion animal overpopulation, which does not in fact exist, and that if shelter's promoted themselves better, kept cleaner facilities, and were open for adoption more hours, then the public would more likely adopt animals at rates that shelter murder would not exist. I know that there are irresponsible people out there. They talk to the people and get to know them. The vast majority of the time I encourage and welcome screening, and I did so at the shelters I oversaw.


We spoke for more than four hours. It is an arrogant use of our power over defenseless animals. Building on policies that the San Francisco shelters had developed, Winograd succeeded in making Tompkins County the first community in the nation where more than 90 percent of cats and dogs entering the shelter made it out alive. In fact, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, giving to animal-related causes is the fastest-growing segment in American philanthropy.

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Aside from that, there are no regulations. All those dogs, or most of them, no matter how horrifically they were abused, are now deeply loved and experiencing the joys of life. We should widen the safety net.

Nathan is the director of the No Kill Advocacy Center. Nathan is the author of five books, including Redemption, which won five .. by Nathan J. Winograd. Nathan J. Winograd is an American author, film-maker, animal advocate, and director of the No Kill Advocacy Center in Oakland, California.?Biography ?Advocacy at Stanford ?Work as a law student ?Statements. Nathan J. Winograd. Rating details ratings 47 reviews. Redemption is the story of animal sheltering in the United States, a movement that was born.

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Others see him as a divisive figure who uses his bully pulpit to attack animal-control workers whose thankless job it is to put down animals no one wants. We win on so many issues beyond saving the lives of dogs and cats.

Nathan j winograd

The question ignores the fact that the market for animals is not just holding steady: Some are large and urban; others, small and rural.

Nathan j winograd

Nathan j winograd

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  1. Mikak says:

    There are communities that are saving 99 percent of their animals, killing only those who are truly suffering.

  2. Molmaran says:

    This is a movement that was conceived, implemented, and accomplished in one generation:

  3. Tauzahn says:

    Why is Austin saving 92 percent of its animals now when a few years ago it was killing more animals than it was saving? Some are affluent; some have high rates of poverty.

  4. Akim says:

    People bring cats and dogs to shelters because they think, rightly or wrongly in many cases wrongly that these places are filled with animal lovers who will do everything in their power to save the animal.

  5. Kirisar says:

    Regardless of whether puppy mills exist in the U. In how many states is your legislation pending?

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