Netley Marsh is a village and civil parish in Hampshire, close to the town of Totton. It lies within the New Forest District, and the New Forest National Park. It is the alleged site of the battle between an invading Anglo Saxon army, under Cerdic and a British army under Natanleod in the  ?Overview · ?History · ?Tatchbury.

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The port is the second busiest in the United Kingdom after Dover, the city formerly had its own airport, Portsmouth Airport, until its closure in He was a chieftain known only to the chroniclers at King Alfred the Great''s court as Natanleod. During and after the Roman era, the Britons lived throughout Britain south of the Firth of Forth, with the beginning of Anglo-Saxon settlement in the 5th century, the culture and language of the Britons fragmented and much of their territory was taken over by the Anglo-Saxons. The earliest extant manuscript, the Winchester Chronicle, was written by a single scribe up to the year , the scribe wrote the year number, DCCCXCII, in the margin of the next line, subsequent material was written by other scribes.


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The burial mound was later known as Natanbury. The oldest is known as the Winchester Chronicle or the Parker Chronicle, six of the manuscripts were printed in an edition for the Rolls Series by Benjamin Thorpe with the text laid out in columns labelled A to F. Cynric, watching in horror from the safety of his vantage point on the hill, saw his father's forces being mercilessly cut down by Natanleod's cavalry, which drove straight through their shield wall and began the grim job of slaying the Gewisse.


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The Dark Ages did not get their name for nothing. These developments, collectively referred to as West Totton, consisted of a new area and church

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Cerdic's son, Cynric, arrived on horseback, leading a group of cavalrymen who had made their way across Hampshire by land. Totton and Eling — Totton and Eling is a town and civil parish in Hampshire, England, with a population of around 29, people.

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Special Palmerston Forts were built in in anticipation of invasion from continental Europe. Cerdic was seriously wounded and pulled back from the front line of the shield wall. The following narration quite simplistically assumes that the dates given in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and Aethelweard's chronicle are correct.

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Much of the information given in the Chronicle is not recorded elsewhere, in addition, the manuscripts are important sources for the history of the English language, in particular, the later Peterborough text is one of the earliest examples of Middle English in existence. The job of the cavalry was to block the ford crossings and other avenues of escape.

He was a chieftain known only to the chroniclers at King Alfred the Great''s court as Natanleod. According to folk tradition, the crafty King Natanleod (whose. The battell between the Saxons and Brittains: and death of King Vther?pendragon, or Natanleod. *1. THE five hundred and eighth year of our Lord was fatall to. Natanleod Natanleod, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, was a king of the Britons. His inclusion in the Chronicle is believed to be the product of folk.

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The citys history can be traced to Roman times, a significant naval port for centuries, Portsmouth has the worlds oldest dry dock and was Englands first line of defence during the French invasion in It was the site of much illegal dealing in the timber obtained from the New Forest.


To the west of the village the Hampshire Reformatory School opened in and it was built for the purpose of reclaiming juvenile offenders, and had accommodation for 60 boys. In general, they would have been less equipped than the native Britons.



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    The civil parish of South Charford was abolished in , there is no village today — just a few farm buildings.

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    After the original Chronicle was compiled, copies were made and distributed to various monasteries, additional copies were made, for further distribution or to replace lost manuscripts, and some copies were updated independently of each other.

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    The Eling Experience is currently closed for refurbishment but the walks remain open, the original village of Totton can be described as the areas of Totton, Testwood and the Salmon Leap, dissected by the A36 and the A and bordered by the River Test. One of the very first military campaigns to be recorded was the Battle of Netley Marsh, fought in AD

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    According to folk tradition, the crafty King Natanleod whose name is unfortunately just a linguistic back-formation from Netley Marsh, recorded as Natanleag or "Wet Wood" was a military commander who had once served King Arthur's father, Uther.

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    Cerdic landed his fleet of ships at the head of Southampton Water, and his warriors came ashore.

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