Italian baby names may stem from Latin origins or may be modern Italian or search our specialized lists of Italian names for girls and Italian names for boys.

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Names for girls italian

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Giselle was also the name of Amy Adams' character in the film Enchanted. She's one-of-a-kind, as is this name choice. Similar to the names Louise and Louisa, but with an Italian spin, Luisa is a name that may shortened to the edgy and adorable nicknames, Lu or LuLu.

Names for girls italian

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A variation of the more popular Italian choice, Giovanna, we love the way this name looks and sounds. Yet another reason Ortensia is a fantastic choice. It is deep emotion scrawled on a page for all to see. It's effortless, dreamy and lovely to the max.

Names for girls italian

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Those who like Jovanna may also like the Italian names Jolanda, Julietta or Jovannie for a little girl. Mia currently sits in the top ten as the 6th most popular choice for girls in the United States. Lucy is a great shortening of the name Lucette as is Etta or Etty.

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Parents who choose this name for their tiny daughter will be patting themselves on the back every time they say it. The name comes from medieval times, when Gemma was an Italian nickname for rare and beautiful gems. One possible shortening of Ortensia is Sia, the name of the pop star currently selling out concerts the globe over, where she performs her creatively wonderful chart-topping music, featuring accompanying envelope-pushing dances and costumes. Similar Italian choices that may be appealing include Pia, Palmira and Patrizia.

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This name is cool, creative and a special choice for a little one full of pizzazz and personality. Luisa is currently the th most popular choice for girls in the United States, well within the top 1,, but still far enough down the list to most likely never run the risk of being overused.

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Fans of Noemi may also want to consider the lovely Italian choices Nicoletta, Nerina or Nilda, other down-right beautiful names parents can't go wrong with. How cute is the nickname Po? It's perfect for those searching for something unique, bold and sophisticated. It is a name often used in Ancient Rome that is still a perfect choice for a lady of the here and now.

A service that offers a variety of boy & girl baby names, including Italian boy & girl baby names with name, meaning, origin and gender. Italian Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Italy. Sofia. Giulia. Aurora. Giorgia. Martina. Emma. Greta. Chiara.?Swiss Girls Names: Most иа?French Girls Names: Most иа?Chiara иа?Noemi. Comprehensive resource for information and advice when choosing Italian baby girl names. Unique, unusual, popular, and cool Italian baby girl names. A World.

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The famous writer Dante, the man responsible for the epic poem Inferno, had a beautiful wife named Gemma. She became the first ever star of The Bachelorette, where she met and fell in love with her husband, Ryan Sutter.

Names for girls italian

Selma Hayek chose the name Valentina for her daughter, and Valentian Tereshkova was the first woman in space. Similar Italian choices that may be appealing include Pia, Palmira and Patrizia. Shortenings of the name are sweet and lovely Tia, or smart and stunning Val:

Names for girls italian

Names for girls italian

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    It's undoubtedly choice that will fill parents with pride for finding such a spectacular name for their daughter.

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    A derivation of Hortensia, the name of a powerful and politically active Roman woman, this name is truly unique and widely unused. Shortenings of the name could include Mimi or Emmi.

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