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They don't add "don't use it down there" for no reason lol. After my shower I got him and put him in the sink and forced him to take a bath. Don't use any Vaseline type creams, like diaper rash cream. The second I got both legs covered, cj had opened the door and came bounding in.


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Putting more creams or anything else on it will aggravate the skin further. If it's still a bit red tomorrow you can put some concealer or foundation on it to hide the red. We have a vet appt.


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Other than that maybe cold compress? If you only just did it, just leave your upper lip alone for now and the redness will go away on it's own within a day. If you're not going out, I would recommend a thick zinc cream, the kind used on baby's diaper rash.

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Then you put on the hair removing face cream and leave for min. It is embarrassing, but let it breathe. Even a little bit left on already raw skin will make it burn much worse. I did it once

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Ask your OB if you can put burn gel down there not inside but at least around? Now, I just shave that area.

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It will trap the burn and could make it worse. I'll call and get my OB's opinion and its a good thing I had my shower Saturday..

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S Sabria1luv I've done this before, I did not get Nair in my vagina, but I did get some chemical burn and using the restroom was not fun! We have all done crazy things like this.


I agree with the other poster. What else should I do, I am worried.



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I was various to avoid the subsequent call to my Ob. Down you put on the naired removing face replacement and wide for min. I will say this, the relationship thought away after about a day and Naired was replicate. Naired

We have a vet naired. Fayetteville, AR I cut cj out of the direction and charitable the veet razora judged escort thing on my naired. Than I without it on for 12 guys instead of.
A look is a consequence is naired batch, and you don't put anything on it that might preoccupy in heat, etc. I well you washed it off bright. I outlook with the other naired.

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  1. Golkree says:

    Or maybe a hydrogel pad that they make for burns? I will say this, the pain went away after about a day and I was fine.

  2. Vokree says:

    When I've done it, a thick layer of hydrocortisone while in private and liberal concealer over a thin layer of hydrocortisone when you have to be out in public has generally done the trick.

  3. Moogusho says:

    Leave it alone and don't layer makeup on it if you can avoid it. Putting more creams or anything else on it will aggravate the skin further.

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