In the classless, casteless Naga society, women have traditionally enjoyed a high social position, with a pivotal role in both family and community affairs. In the.

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Naga women

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But a silent revolution has started in Nagaland , and people are writing wills and preparing gift deeds to leave behind the land that they have acquired during their lifetime for their daughters. What is being gifted is acquired land.

Naga women

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The Indian Chamber of Commerce has filed an application seeking registration of traditional Naga shawls made in Nagaland with the Geographical Registry of India for Geographical Indication. Due to low priority given to accessing professional health care, women often resort to remedies of their own such as herbs, mustard oil, vicks, and fire-places, etc. The diversity of languages and traditions of the Nagas results most likely from the multiple cultural absorptions that occurred during their successive migrations. December 23,

Naga women

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According to the census, female literacy in the state is Each tribe is distinct in character in terms of customs, language and dress. He is passionately attached to his land, his system of land tenure, the arrangements for the government of his village, the organization of cultivation, the administration of tribal justice through the village and tribal courts.

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Each has a dialect, which fosters a strong sense of social solidarity within the village. The village[ edit ] Villages were divided into a certain number of clan territories or khels.

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The cessation of ceasefire ended in Therefore, until recent times, absorptions were a source of many interclan conflicts.

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Material inheritance, such as land and cattle, is passed on to the male offspring, with the eldest son receiving the largest share. In , Britain annexed Assam following the Treaty of Yandabo in

Nov 3, - Despite a high female literacy rate and an active women's rights movement, the struggle for political empowerment in Nagaland is only just. Jump to Status of women - A Yimchunger Naga woman. The traditional Naga society is a patriarchal society with a strong warrior tradition that valued the Myanmar (Naga Self-Administered Zone)?: ?, Mar 7, - By Renemsongla Ozukum| The Naga Republic. The international women's day is being celebrated all across the globe today. What can Naga.

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A Naga woman is traditionally expected to be obedient and humble. The dawn to dusk activities of a woman circles from feeding the children to taking them to school, workplaces, bazaar, garden and rice fields, till sleeping together at night.

Naga women

The men's clothing is distinctive: Under this corrupt system, no refined woman would be able to participate.

Naga women

Naga women

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    The cessation of ceasefire ended in

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    Everyone was interpreting it in their own way. The fratricidal confrontations among the various Naga groups and the State authorities led to loss of life, disturbed public order and thwarted the economic development of the State.

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    Each has a dialect, which fosters a strong sense of social solidarity within the village. A provision within the Constitution of India, known as Article A guarantees protection of Naga culture and customs, land ownership, including preservation of local, social and religious practices.

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    So many women were completely unaware of what was happening.

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