Jump to Movies and books - Playing with the Enemy, published by Savas Beatie, is the story of Ruston, coinciding with the release of the movie Playing with the Enemy. as Prisoners of War in North Louisiana During World War II.

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The project was overseen and led by Vince Spione. Many were kept up to 2 additional years in camps in England, Belgium, and France before being repatriated. Stollenwork's art had been given to the accountant as he left Camp Ruston. His interviews and well as numerous artifacts given to him by the POW's now reside in the Louisiana Tech University archives for safekeeping and to be used by future scholars.

Movies playing in ruston la

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According to interviews conducted by Vince Spione, Pfaff was allowed to stay in the US, gain citizenship and flourished in business until he died in the early s. They were paid in scrip which they could use in the camp canteen.

Movies playing in ruston la

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These included an archaeological survey of the Camp Ruston site, conducted by Mark Scalia a Tech graduate student. If it was, the Tech has been demolished.

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He later returned to establish a successful manufacturing business in Cologne. One report describes several German soldiers with "Mongol features" and that they required special diets in keeping with their Islamic faith.

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A copy of the news story is housed in the archives. Staudinger was captured by the English and eventually, this naturalized American, fighting for his mother country found himself a German POW in his naturalized country. The last prisoners left Camp Ruston in February for repatriation to their native countries.


Provided by Hawkins Photography in Ruston. Many were kept up to 2 additional years in camps in England, Belgium, and France before being repatriated.

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Puelli participated in the Camp Ruston symposium and donated numerous items to the Camp Ruston Foundation which are now located at the LA Tech archives. In late July , the captured surviving 56 officers and crew of U were sent to the camp and kept in isolation in a restricted area in the NE corner of the camp in order to prevent them from communicating to the enemy that secret German naval codes had fallen into Allied hands. The U was a treasure trove of information for the US.

Movies playing in ruston la

The most famous escape was performed by a German soldier named Charly King. Butterfield, of Tech Theatre, says he has not found any sign of rats in his theatre and has asked for another inspection from WAAC officers. It looks like the Tech and the Varsity might have opened at about the same time.

Movies playing in ruston la

Movies playing in ruston la

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    An interesting thing about rats in the theatre is that none are ever caught before show time, but after the theatre is closed at the last show.

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    These included an archaeological survey of the Camp Ruston site, conducted by Mark Scalia a Tech graduate student. Alfred Andersch - an Army soldier who deserted to U.

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    In , the Dixie Center for the Arts came together for their first meeting, and began crafting a vision for the restoration of the cultural landmark.

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    He was captured in Northern Africa.

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