The British Monarchy underwent significant changes in the twentieth century. While the power of the monarchies of Great Britain has been massively curtailed.

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Monarchy england timeline

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Sophia, granddaughter of James I and VI. Sir Walter Raleigh is implicated and imprisoned. Some sources list monarchs separately from and from present day.

Monarchy england timeline

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Instead, the new king turned up with two ugly mistresses, one thin and one not, who became known as Maypole and Elephant. The reign of King Charles II is characterised by a lack of moral restraint, including on the part of the King, but is also known for its foundation of scientific institutions the Royal Society and the Royal Observatory , architecture Christopher Wren , war with the Dutch and concern about a Catholic revival. Despite being venerated by many as Queen-Empress, Victoria represented particular values family, conscientiousness, integrity, respectability which ordinary people could relate to and which, alongside technological and economic achievements, helped define the best of the Victorian Age.

Monarchy england timeline

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Still, it seems that William was a genial reactionary, defined by having two successful year relationships. The argument was theoretically resolved in Parliament in , when the principle of the highest numeral was agreed ie if there were to be a King Robert, he would be designated Robert IV of the United Kingdom there have been 3 previous Scottish kings called Robert, but no English ; if there were to be another King Henry, he would be Henry IX there have been 8 English Henrys, but no Scottish. Sophia, granddaughter of James I and VI. She married her cousin, Philip Mountbatten the Duke of Edinburgh , on 20 November and they have four children:


George did at least make the effort to visit Scotland no monarch had ventured north of the border since Charles II even appearing in Highland dress, which was a popular move, helping to revive the tartan which had been banned since He was the first British monarch to visit Russia and founded the Order of Merit for distinguished service in science, art or literature. English troops occupy Dieppe and Le Havre.

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He is tried by Parliament and found guilty of high treason. He seeks to promote his Catholic supporters in Parliament and purge Tories and Anglican clergy. York takes over the government of England.

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Britain gains Hong Kong. English possessions in France are reduced to the areas of Bordeaux and Calais. William was devastated and reigned alone for the next 8 years, until succumbing to pneumonia after falling from his horse.

The British Monarchy underwent significant changes in the twentieth century. While the power of the monarchies of Great Britain has been massively curtailed. English Kings and Queens - Historical Timeline The death of Offa marks the end of Mercian supremacy in England. His son Ecgfrith reigns for less than 6. Following the Act of Union of , Queen Anne became the first monarch of Great Britain. Use our timeline to test your knowledge of each of the kings and.

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William and Mary accepted the Bill of Rights, passed by Parliament in , which established many of the principles of constitutional monarchy and ensured that the monarch would never again rule without Parliament. American forces stopped from invading Canada. However, some monarchs technically held two regnal numbers one for England, one for Scotland.

Monarchy england timeline

In , speaking from Sandringham, he made the first Royal Christmas broadcast over the radio, the speech being written for him by his friend, Rudyard Kipling. When James finds out Seymour is imprisoned but escapes with Arabella. Victoria was devastated when Albert died in and her withdrawal from public life produced a temporary dip in popularity.

Monarchy england timeline

Monarchy england timeline

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    Under the terms of the Treaty of Westminster, Stephen is to remain King for life, but thereafter the throne passes to Henry.

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    She is known as the most widely travelled head of state in history. Alexandrina Victoria was a dutiful 18 year old when she became queen.

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    He alleges a Catholic plot to murder the King and restore Catholicism. Napoleon defeats the Russians at Austerlitz.

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    Supposedly an accident, it has been suggested that he was shot deliberately on the instructions of his brother Henry - Henry I succeeds his brother, William II.

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    He wanted to marry Simpson but as the head of the Church of England he was advised against marrying a married woman.

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