Mombasa is a place steeped in history, yet at the same time fascinating commercial and cosmopolitan port town. Mombasa is an island connected to the.

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It is a very cosmopolitan city, and you can see a group of Muslims wearing niqab here known as "bui bui" and Giryama people wearing almost nothing at the same time and place. In the city center there are numerous coffee shops, small pubs and bars as well as some small to medium sized clubs.


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Mikaye is an authentic fusion restaurant. The city's culture today still exhibits that of its pasts. Ferry[ edit ] There is no bridge between Mombasa Island and south coast, instead the distance is served by ferries operated by the Kenya Ferry Service from Kilindini and Mtongwe to Likoni in the south coast of Mombasa.


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The first class costs 3. Sleep There are many accommodations to choose from when visiting Mombasa.

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Mikaye a honorable woman in dholuo sets the guideline for the restaurant- entailing good food, admirable service, great ambience hence a formidable culinary experience. Get out of Mombasa is through bus transport and regional flights. Changamwe The gateway to the city if you're coming from Nairobi.

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A fantastic long white beach with loads of watersports and primates to see. Lively and popular bar located near Tembo. Blue Room - which offers a self-serve cuisine ranging from 'Indian Bites' to other items like burgers, pizza, and ice cream.

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Kilindini Harbor is an example of a natural geographic phenomenon called a ria , formed at the end of the last glacial period when the sea level rose and engulfed a river that was flowing from the mainland. They are privately owned mini-buses regulated by the government. By bus[ edit ] Buses, while not a major mode of transportation within the city, are mostly used for traveling outside the city.

Understand[edit]. Mombasa is Kenya's main tourist destination. It is located on the Eastern coastline of Kenya bordering the Indian Ocean which has made it a. Mombasa is a seaport city on the coast of Kenya, along the Indian Ocean. It is the country's oldest (circa AD) and second-largest city (after the capital  Country?: ?Kenya. Mombasa is a place steeped in history, yet at the same time fascinating commercial and cosmopolitan port town. Mombasa is an island connected to the.

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Prices vary with quality and may be higher in areas with lots of foot traffic from tourists notably in Mombasa Old Town outside Fort Jesus. Its a nice place to go but less for swimming than to enjoy the view.


Colobus Trust nature walks and conservation volunteering at Diani Beach. Several luxury hotels exist on these beaches, while the less expensive hotels are located further away. Box Mombasa, Kenya City:



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