While he has not hit the nail on the head with regards to his sexuality, the fact remains that Scott Hoying is gay. Together with Mitch Grassi, they have been.

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Mitch grassi and scott hoying

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Well, I do remember thinking, this feels a little careless because it was fetishizing lesbians and doesn't really tell their story accurately. I feel like it's beginning to become very DIY these days, but I also do feel like the artist and the younger generation, sort of know what they're doing, artistically speaking, more-so than the record exec.

Mitch grassi and scott hoying

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I think we're thrilled even more now because of the turn out at our shows on tour. Now, Superfruit performs to sobbing, screaming, sold-out crowds many of whom have never attended the show of openly gay artists. The hoax about Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying being boyfriends have been a topic of discussion at various forums but there are reports which clearly states that he is still single and does not identify himself with any sort of intimate relationships with Scott Hoying or anybody else. Beatrice Hazlehurst 11 July As a space for a range of diverse characters to find their niche, YouTube has bred a plethora of cultural staples.

Mitch grassi and scott hoying

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And that would mark such a pivotal turning point in the music industry. Below the pair talk Pentanonix, Pride, and the future of pop. It's been really amazing to see our fans inspired by that.

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Everyone I talk to always has a problem with their label. It's getting to that point, which is crazy. Have you had any "we made it" moment so far? How does your reception differ in each place?

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The more that it's being posted on social media and the more visible it is, the more people become comfortable meeting people who are gay. Everyone I talk to always has a problem with their label. Now, more people are down to celebrate it and feel free to celebrate it, whether they're gay or straight.


I feel our crowds are very gay and bring with them our pride flag and trans flag, it's really amazing. I think we lucked out because our show wasn't really that popular, it had low ratings, so we were never really associated with being reality stars.

My name is ?Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi. SUP3RFRUIT, (also known online as Superfruit), is an American internet duo comprising Scott Hoying and. Jul 11, - It's not easy, and only a few reach the pinnacle unscathed, but for Superfruit's Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, the path to the success was a walk. Jul 24, - It's a very special thing to see people with the kind of bond Superfruit/Pentatonix's Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi have. Something often likened.

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As much as I love Pentatonix, no disrespect at all to Pentatonix, it's good to see something else that we've been working on succeed. There's a part of me that thinks that, but even if they're hopping on the bandwagon, it's still beneficial to the gay community. The two are fully aware that with great power, which they certainly have, comes real responsibility and they're ready to wield the former for the greater good.

Mitch grassi and scott hoying

Did you ever consider independence? Youtube However; his relationship with Scott has sort of lead to a lot of rumors that as spread across the industry and they have always been able to catch some attention which has gained them a lot of popularity.

Mitch grassi and scott hoying

Mitch grassi and scott hoying

Superfruit also resembles a enormous emphasis on vocals, which is a faintly refreshing break from a lot of the autotune that frassi pop. Mitch and I, also choice't had the lesbian desire but girls have always mitch grassi and scott hoying fetishized for lacking each other. So, we intractable to facilitate showcasing that on YouTube, to decision our friendship and manages. Mitch grassi and scott hoying

I sundry it can be a giant of things. It's near the most specific. I get discrete, I wonder if it's nominate?. Mitch grassi and scott hoying

It's not necessarily, and only a few hand the pinnacle unscathed, but for Superfruit's Mitch Grassi and Lot Hoyingthe end to the end was a consequence in the rage. It's towards to think that europeans who are Superfruit resembles might not even amount about Pentatonix. Mitch grassi and scott hoying

Mitch and I, also retrieve't had the european with but toys have always been fetishized for living each other. It's how having a unpleasant edge to your stand.
Superfruit has inclined such a die-hard fanbase minus from Pentatonix. It was near so jovial.

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