I've heard from a few friends that there is a secret midget village somewhere in Southern Ohio and that every person in the town is a Does anybody know the story behind the place on Winton Road.

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Midget town cincinnati

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Another West Side rumor might have had a tinge of truth to it. In fact, Munchkinville is actually Handle Bar Ranch. We did this multiple times. While many people claim to have seen crazy little people chasing them with weapons, Munchkinville has never existed in the way we have all been told.

Midget town cincinnati


The houses are located on a secluded dirt road. Some say that carnival or circus music is always playing there.

Midget town cincinnati

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Soon I was running out of gas and patience. One day Percy brought home some school bells and left them by the edge of the road, and with that the legend was born.

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I asked around at school and sure enough, others had heard about it, too. Apparently teenagers drove Rumpke to do what Ritter could never do. That was when it started. However, I do remember vividly in my mind seeing a couple tiny houses on the side of the road, one in particular was red.

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Well, no, but the so called village where they lived is sorta kinda real, or rather, it used to be. Apparently, a couple, Anna and Percy Ritter, moved out to the acre farm in Colerain Township in

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There were supposed to be little people there. Blust, 76, had known Annie since he was about 11 years old growing up on a nearby farm. It was his idea to call it the Handlebar Ranch Inc. Kunming, China[ edit ] In China a " Kingdom of the Little People " with fairytale houses is set to become an attraction.

Apr 19, - So I took a drive out to Handlebar Ranch, or Munchkinville if you prefer to call it. I still get inquiries as to it's location, and for info on the legends. Midgetville refers to real or legendary communities of "midgets", people with forms of dwarfism who are normally proportioned, or collections of small  Missing: cincinnati ?| ?Must include: ?cincinnati. I have never been shot at, but I can tell you the place is definitely not right. –The Mack Daddy Soprano. Rock Throwing Residents in Midget Town, Cincinnati.

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Rumpke spokeswoman Amanda Pratt said they have no immediate plans for the property other than a landfill buffer. Kids would drive by at night and stop to ring the bell.

Midget town cincinnati

When not harboring little people, Handlebar Ranch was known for the hayrides it gave, the picnics it hosted and before that the bike rides it led through the then-mostly rural Colerain landscape. In the hotel burned to the ground, but a normal-sized two-story building was built around the same time at the corner of the property. I went in broad daylight and drove up and down every road and side road in the area.

Midget town cincinnati

Midget town cincinnati

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  1. Yozshubar says:

    At first, Percy was in the bicycle rental business.

  2. Shakarisar says:

    There is one average-sized house on the grounds, inhabited by an elderly, average height couple. And finally Annie might be able to rest in peace.

  3. Akinogul says:

    She moved here in , with her husband, Percy. One friend, an Oak Hills High School graduate, said about 20 years ago during a Munchkinland exploratory mission he and his friends came face-to-face with a shotgun-wielding man who told them to get lost.

  4. Danos says:

    Prying, terrified teenagers careened over the hillside in their parents' cars, apparently driving the area's living inhabitants batty. Some did even worse, vandalizing her property or hiding out in the ranch's small stone buildings and shelter houses.

  5. Yozshulkree says:

    One day Percy brought home some school bells and left them by the edge of the road, and with that the legend was born.

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