The Maschinengewehr 08, or MG 08, was the German Army's standard machine gun in World . Anti Tank Rifle was introduced in Designated MG 18 TuF (German: Tank und Flieger), it was issued in limited numbers in late World War I.?MG 08/15 иа?Aircraft versions иа?Chinese version иа?Users.

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This section needs additional citations for verification. In the anti-tank role the gun was fed by a 75 round belt, while in the anti-aircraft role it was fed by a 30 round drum magazine.


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After a series of tests and modifications, the MAN design was officially adopted by the German army on August 13th The initial model of the air-cooled "Spandau" lMG 08 front-firing cowling machine guns had lost the stocks, grips, and bipods of the infantry MG 08s to adapt it to a fixed, forward-firing mount forward of an aircraft's cockpit, with gun synchronization allowing safe firing through a spinning propeller's arc.


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Tank und Flieger , it was issued in limited numbers in late World War I. Besides the end of the war there were other factors which limited the number of MG 18's produced such as lack of production capacity, cost, complexity, weight and poor mobility.

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III "green machine" monoplane with the Fokker Stangensteuerung gun synchronizer, received back with the synchronized Parabellum by Parschau on May 30, [5] and first used in quantity as the synchronized forward-firing armament on the five examples of the Fokker M. I and Fokker D. I through the E.

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Maschinengewehr 08 deployed in sandy terrain. They are taken up directly by the intestinal cells and converted to triacylglycerols via the monoacylglycerol pathway before being transported in lymph to the liver.


You can help by converting this section to prose, if appropriate. In , the Chinese began to produce the derivative Type 24 Heavy machine gun.

MG((6Z, 9Z, 12Z)//) is a monoacylglyceride. A monoglyceride, more correctly known as a monoacylglycerol, is a glyceride consisting of one fatty acid. Heavy machine guns, Anti-aircraft weapons, Anti-tank weapons. The Maschinengewehr 18 TuF (MG 18 TuF for short) was a mm TuF ( in) variant of the MG The MG 18 was developed as an anti-tank machine gun and additionally as an anti-aircraft gun. Oct 29, - Description, MG(//) is a monoacylglyceride. A monoglyceride, more correctly known as a monoacylglycerol, is a glyceride consisting.

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When aiming at enemy infantry, it usually comes with a muzzle disk. I through the E.


A monoglyceride, more correctly known as a monoacylglycerol, is a glyceride consisting of one fatty acid chain covalently bonded to a glycerol molecule through an ester linkage. The Type 24 heavy machine gun's tripod resembles the tripod of the MG



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    Mono- and diglycerides are commonly added to commercial food products in small quantities. III and Albatros D.

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    They were usually made in the Hanyang Arsenal.

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