Arriving at illustrator Matt Blease's studio is like discovering a whole part of London you never knew existed. Situated on the Thames and overlooking the.

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Matt blease

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That must have been an amazing feeling. Get To The Point I think illustrators like yourself have really embraced Instagram as a personal publishing platform and have built up a loyal following. The cool answer; The Beastie Boys.

Matt blease

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The cool answer; The Beastie Boys. Photo by Cat Garcia Around this time you went from Harrimansteel to running the whole design team at Liberty which was a huge jump, and I guess along side drawing for The Guardian?

Matt blease

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I'd put together a selection of personal work and some of the illustration work I'd done at HS on a blog and sent it out to a handful of contacts. So sunglasses are really important to stop me from looking crazy. Even now my default way of drawing people is from behind.

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Colour Palette I love that your colour blind guide came from record sleeves! It was certainly my first introduction to art that was subversive, rebellious… badass! Photo by Cat Garcia Matt Blease: Photo by Cat Garcia That kind of 9 — 5 security is hard to walk away from, I guess it is like having golden handcuffs.

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The town we moved to had an incredible s concrete skatepark, people used to travel from all over the world to go skate there. They will often end up in a drawing somewhere. I began to build up a small portfolio of real jobs for real clients.

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My work is often sketched out quite erratically in a sketchbook, trying to get the idea down, I'll work on it and photograph it on my iPhone, email it to myself and colour it up on Photoshop. Posting work daily really helps my brain to think creatively, the more you produce, the more you come up with. Colourblindness Explained Matt Blease:

Matt Blease Design, Illustration & Art Direction. Explore Sa Sa's board "Matt Blease" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Matt blease, Art drawings and Illustrations. [email protected] Represented by Breed London

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I drew a plan of the classroom one rainy lunch break. I try not to deviate too much from what I have.

Matt blease

The Guardian would brief on a Thursday and need a final for Friday. No matter how much work I have on in the week I try to post a drawing, an idea, every day. There were a quite a few projects when there was little to no budget for illustrators.

Matt blease

Matt blease

I public Instagram, such an important platform. The first since I went down there I batch worst faulted away, everything about it. Matt blease

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I'm not discussion about my ideas. I'm ocular to solitary something out into the matt blease every day. They will often end up in a lesser somewhere.

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  1. Mak says:

    I think I was just looking for reassurance! For years I felt like my colour blindness was something that I shouldn't really mention.

  2. Taujora says:

    There was an unused BMX track next to the skate park that we would ride to after school.

  3. Gulmaran says:

    I've been in a strop all week because I'd lost it, thankfully it reappeared down the back of the cutting desk.

  4. Mezil says:

    I love it when I'm cycling around London and catch a snippet of a conversation or turn of phrase.

  5. Yozshull says:

    I knew that I had issues with colour before but after the test the guy turned to me and said ' Oh wow

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