May 15, - Some people want two syllable names while others want names that are super rare. We love baby boy names that have a masculine feel but.

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Masculine nicknames


Other variations include ironic adjectives. This was the name of a rebellious man in the bible.

Masculine nicknames

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Snapper Ч A cute nickname for guys with short tempers. This name is super adorable and also manly.

Masculine nicknames

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Eventually the right name will stick! We love the name Jax because the spelling makes it look more rugged with the x at the end.

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Hopefully, John has a good sense of humor, though. We think a future O wen will be a super energetic, happy, and creative child who will grow into a successful and financially stable man.

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We can picture a future Zeke to be very techy or musical. Sugar Lips Ч For the guy with seriously kissable and sweet lips.

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Yummy Ч Do we really need to explain? Lover Boy Ч This is for those wussy love types. Ty is on BabyCenter in popularity which is an almost spot drop from

Sep 24, - Group nicknames are an almost exclusively masculine domain, and their purpose and function among men will now be explored. English masculine names and typical nicknames. јнглийские мужские имена и типичные уменьшительные имена. Cowboy: A very popular nickname given that cowboys are considered to be manly and sexy 3.) Movie Star: Goes without saying that every one wants to be a.

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Duck Ч Like a duck, you two are the best friends ever. Let us know in the comment section below! According to BabyCenter, this Irish name means red, and is the perfect mix of sweet and manly.

Masculine nicknames

Lifeline Ч If he is the one who always saves you in any bad situation. Quake Ч For the guy who makes the earth tremble when he looks at you. An adorable pet name for cuddly guys.

Masculine nicknames

Masculine nicknames

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Call him "Assortment" since he's otherwise hot to you and you aim his convoluted personality. Masculine nicknames Cheeks Ч A lucky nickname for the guy with preventable lives Ч or a untroubled butt.

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  1. Mikazuru says:

    Captain Ч An unusual but charming nickname for guys who like to take charge Ч or love sailing.

  2. Kigalmaran says:

    According to BabyCenter, Archer simply means, the archer, which is a great name if mom or dad is into bows and arrows!

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