The Marietta times. Catalog Record Only Weekly Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 24, )- Ceased in Aug. ? Cf. Gutgesell, S. Guide to Ohio newspapers,

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Marietta times marietta ohio

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Two years later the Ohio River Museum was opened. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. In , the United States signed the Treaty of Fort Harmar with several Indian tribes that occupied areas of the Northwest Territory , to settle issues related to trade, as well as the boundary between their lands and United States settlement. If I was a young man, just preparing to begin the world, or if advanced in life and had a family to make provision for, I know of no country where I should rather fix my habitation

Marietta times marietta ohio

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It is now known as the Marietta Earthworks. The US signed the Treaty of Greenville with the Indians, which secured the safety of settlers to leave the forts and develop their farms. An iron mill, along with several foundries, provided rails for the growing railroad industry; the Marietta Chair Factory made furniture. In the Muskingum Academy was built on the site of the 19th century Marietta Congregationalist Church.

Marietta times marietta ohio

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Clair was appointed by the president as governor of the new territory. The first church constructed in Marietta was a Congregationalist church, founded around

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Bringing with them the first government sanctioned by the US for this area, [17] they established the first permanent United States settlement in the Northwest Territory. In less than two decades after settlement, the steamboat had been developed, and was also constructed here. See photo at right.

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A walled, graded path led to the river's edge. Clair to give land back to the Indians, he did not do so.

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It was used as a station on the Underground Railroad to help slaves escape from the South. At the same time, the settlers started developing their community, platted according to plans they had made in Boston. Eager to develop additional lands, the new government decided to pay veterans of the Revolution with warrants for land in the Northwest Territory , which was organized under federal authority in by the Northwest Ordinance.

The Marietta Times brings you the latest information on the Marietta area, by reporting first hand experiences and helpful insight to the Marietta Area. The Marietta Times jobs available in Marietta, OH on Apply to Receptionist, Customer Service Representative, Crew Member and more! Marietta Times | Newspapers / Magazines / Publications | Printers, typesetters, Marietta Times The Riverview Building Front Street Marietta Ohio

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It is now known as the Marietta Earthworks. The Ohio Company of Associates had supported provisions in the ordinance to allow veterans to use their warrants to purchase the land.

Marietta times marietta ohio

If I was a young man, just preparing to begin the world, or if advanced in life and had a family to make provision for, I know of no country where I should rather fix my habitation Brick factories and sawmills supplied materials for homes and public buildings. Marietta was founded by settlers from New England who were investors in the Ohio Company of Associates.

Marietta times marietta ohio

Marietta times marietta ohio

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    In , the museum campus was totally redesigned.

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    Boat building was one of the early industries.

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    It was a Congregational institution; its charter was unusually inclusive due to the varied religious backgrounds of its members. The academy building served for both educational and religious purposes.

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    Conflict increased as the Indians tried to push the settlers out.

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    Artisans built oceangoing vessels and sailed them downriver to the Mississippi and south to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico.

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