Dec 24, - Sometimes when people talk about your first time or movies portray losing your virginity, its this built up magical moment with someone you're.

Losing my virginty

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It was only after I lost my virginity and started having regular sex that I realised that while sex is great, and everything is great, the two together are a perfect union of orgasmic Nirvana. I'll definitely re-read this one some day.

Losing my virginty

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The prologue of the book recounts the start of a round-the-world balloon trip over the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and is followed by 28 chapters in which Branson recounts the first 43 years of his life. Was this going to hurt? Guys spill the beans on how they lost their virginity 4.

Losing my virginty

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In fact, the highly personalised delivery masks the reality that his endeavours are supported by a large and talented workforce, and so the significance of talent, timing, luck, and the support of others, is genuinely blurred. All the same, I've walked away charmed, encouraged, and pleasantly humoured, by this superbly written account of a truly unique individual. Published in , it was later followed by other biographical books by Branson, including Business Stripped Bare:


Did I love him? Who decided we had to limit ourselves to the sounds and expressions in bad 80s porn? It was only after I lost my virginity and started having regular sex that I realised that while sex is great, and everything is great, the two together are a perfect union of orgasmic Nirvana. An excellent mix of business, adventure, and personal anecdote keep the book fresh and engaging.

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In the introduction, Branson explains that "Losing My Virginity" is Volume One of his autobiography, which takes him up to his early 40s. Sex is more than penetration Advertisement Advertisement Before I had sex, I thought a good finger bang or a well-executed blowjob to be the height of intimacy.

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The book ends in January , in the wake of Virgin Atlantic 's victory in their court case against British Airways. It is full of exciting events, adventures and fun written in a very exciting manner. Should I put towels down? How Branson will reinvent middle-age and retirement should make for a compelling sequel".

Feb 23, - I had just turned 18 years old when I lost my virginity. I lost it to my high school boyfriend, John, whole I'd been dating for eight months at the. People define “sex” and “losing your virginity” in different ways. time they had vaginal sex, oral sex, or anal sex, they may not see that as “losing their virginity. Losing My Virginity: The Autobiography is the autobiography of the British businessman Richard Branson. Published in , it was later followed by other.

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Fawcett wrote that " You are allowed to laugh Unless you are into some particularly novel and joyless fetish and no judgement , sex is supposed to be fun. However, despite offering a detailed view of his business philosophy and practices, the scale of his achievements, and the persistence and confidence with which they are executed are still beyond understanding.

Losing my virginty

An epilogue briefly details events since including the launch of Virgin Cola , the financial services company Virgin Direct and Branson's charitable bid to run the United Kingdom's National Lottery. Like Walton and Crock, Branson's growth always was happening with bankers in the background Loosing My Virginity Excellent autobiography.

Losing my virginty

Losing my virginty

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