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Stephanie refused to go through with the match and after being forced to refused to let Vince go to her wedding reception. WWE Creative, obviously not familiar with how imagination works, told him to shave his head completely so they could see what he looked like bald. It might as well have been a ladder match or a regular one-on-one and the results would have been the exact same. Steiner's performance in his match with Triple H at the Royal Rumble show was so bad that the crowd turned against him.


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Dawn told Torrie that she would call the wedding off if Torrie met her at a hotel and performed some VERY softcore stripteases. Eventually Vince fired Hogan when Mr. Additional pitched storylines to take Steph off television included her being pregnant with Vince's child, and a similar story but with Shane's child.


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Henry goes first and immediately fights alongside Rusev as if nothing happened. Throughout the night WWE counted down the top 10 moments in Raw history for the very first time, for those of you reading in the future who see these moments on countless home video releases.

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Vince couldn't fire him because he didn't have proof. Doug Basham was the main champion of OVW at the time and had long messy hair. That didn't mean he was booked to win the title, it meant he literally had the new belt handed to him by Eric Bischoff on Raw, without having to do anything to get it. However, a major power failure caused a blackout in several states and Canadian provinces , leading to jokes that the power grid failed to prevent fans from having to watch such an atrocity.

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After this, the reports were basically confirmed as Zach Gowen just kept losing match after match. Vince couldn't fire him because he didn't have proof. Dawn played the footage for Al at Armageddon, with Al demanding that the footage stop playing after he had watched the footage of his own daughter stripping for several minutes.

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One Raw segment featured Goldust placing his wig on Goldberg's head, with Goldberg calmly removing it and politely telling Goldust to get lost. During a "shoot" interview, Vince contemplates him not getting over because he's Swiss, not because of the burial. This would have been fine, but only major names were mentioned. Cornette found out Orton would be missing the show through Tommy Dreamer and Ace claimed he wasn't the one who was supposed to tell him.

We could easily make a LOLWWE list that would rival WCW before it folded. Note: I'm not saying WWE is AS bad as Russo's WCW, or that  LOL: WWE. Nov 3, Explore Brandi handley's board "lol wwe" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Wwe funny, Lucha libre and Wrestling memes. Sep 17, - Originally Posted by LOLWWE They have the gall and the.

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Later, in a runaway contender for "What's the point of the feud ": Hurricane never sniffed the main event after this. This was made unintentionally funny by repeatedly playing the same snippet of J.


On top of this, the fact that he was not getting the pops WWE staff expected lead to speculation that he would be released as soon as his contract expired. Stepmother Match" at the Royal Rumble. Eventually, Brock Lesnar threw him down a flight of stairs and that got him off TV for a month.



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    It might as well have been a ladder match or a regular one-on-one and the results would have been the exact same.

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