Species Librita librita. Librita librita (Pl?tz, ) Librita Skipper W & S Mexico to Guatemala TL: Panama, hecale Godman T Mexico (Gue/Ver);Guatemala.

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The other two species, distributed in montane habitats in northwestern Mexico and in Costa Rica, are described as new. New sellers help existing sellers and existing sellers seek out new sellers to help. You can share your own listings to promote your closet or another seller's listings to help them gain more exposure.


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You can share your own listings to promote your closet or another seller's listings to help them gain more exposure. One of these, Atrytone gala Godman, , that has been misplaced in several genera since its description, represents a new combination.


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Whether it's the item itself that you loved, the gorgeous packaging, the quick shipping, or the overall interaction with the seller - let it be known! Warren Abstract Thirteen species of skippers six newly described; Lepidoptera: The Love Notes section will show up to of your most recent five-star comments.

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A Love Note is hidden if either the buyer or seller removes it. When you share the listing, it broadcasts it to all your followers who will see it in their feed or to a party.

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Hesperiini from higher elevations of Mexico and Central America are reviewed. A Love Note is hidden if either the buyer or seller removes it.

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Sellers love to hear that you've enjoyed the service they provided. New Poshers with amazing merchandise join Poshmark every day.

Librita librita (Pl?tz). Go To Encyclopedia of Life Family: Hesperiidae. Images not available. Web Links. Encyclopedia of Life Animal Diversity Web Integrated. librita [qwantify.org]: booklet (n.) Synonyms: librito. Derivatives of librita. Glosses: booklet. n. (communication), 1. booklet, brochure, folder, leaflet, pamphlet, a small. Mar 25, - Librita librita, male. Jardin Botanico, Mexico, D.F. Many thanks to Andrew Warren (qwantify.org) for ID-help.

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This is the time to not only thank your seller, but to also let other future buyers know that you enjoyed buying from this seller. When you share listings from other Posher's closets, you are helping your followers discover new items and new sellers.


When you share a listing to a party, it also shares it to your followers. Why is my Love Note not showing up?



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