I choose to be excited about the royal baby to give me a glimmer of hope in the cesspit of what's coming in spring AM UTC - 15 Oct


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If the lecturer marking it this week didn't like my sentence structures, all my hard work would be for nothing. When I first self-harmed, it was out of grief. I liked feeling physically rather than emotionally wounded.


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I was one of the lucky ones I stopped on my own, and things never got really serious. I try to find little ways to love myself now, and I hope you can too. Never a rule-breaker, I followed instructions and chugged a sugary drink and ate a small meal before taking a needle to the arm but five minutes in I fainted anyway.


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You deserve to reach a place where you feel you can be kind to yourself, and you deserve help along the way. I spoke to my family about it today, and it was hard, but it was the right thing to do.

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This is all started when I got my first tattoo at It taught me that life isn't fair.

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I try to find little ways to love myself now, and I hope you can too. Some days a glimpse of an NHS Give Blood van is enough for me to need to put my head between my legs for a while and think of England, or biscuits, or a video of a puppy tasting a lime for the first time.


I try to find little ways to love myself now, and I hope you can too. I thought I was letting things out and releasing them, but really I was setting the dogs on myself.

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After that I always self-harmed in the same place, rarely visible to anyone else. It was just a bit of a nasty wake-up call.


If I sound bitter about this, it's because I am a little - but I know that it's actually a really important skill to be able to manipulate how you work to fit different people's criteria. What I Went to School For The education system in this country taught me how to memorise information briefly for tests and exams, and then to forget it again immediately as I'd never need it again.



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