Nov 18, - What It Could Also Be: Though you should always take a late period . can be helpful in college, I once had a pregnancy scare because I.

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Late period pregnancy scare

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But even "regular" menstrual cycles have a standard deviation -- a difference from cycle to cycle -- of around three or four days. Both are wondering if they're pregnant and have barely missed a period. Whoever told you "pulling out" was a reliable method of birth control was pulling your leg. This Fit Pregnancy blog is intended for educational purposes only.

Late period pregnancy scare


So, if a person has a cycle where they expected a period to start sometime between the 14th and 18th let's say their cycle, from one period to another, is usually between 27 and 30 days , and they have not yet had their period by the 23rd, then their period is late. Healthcare providers such as general practitioners or general clinics, sexual or reproductive healthcare providers or even some school clinics can also do pregnancy tests, some for low or no cost.

Late period pregnancy scare

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A lot of people think of a period as late when it isn't, especially if they have the idea there's only one date each cycle periods must occur by to be on time. Before initiating any exercise program, diet or treatment provided by Fit Pregnancy, you should seek medical advice from your primary caregiver. Her pregnancy test was negative.

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If you or your partner don't have a regular cycle yet, or haven't had one that's been regular lately, this page may be a better fit for you. This Fit Pregnancy blog is intended for educational purposes only. The information you need about testing comes right with any test. If you really don't, call your doctor and have a chat about contraception.

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Stick to leaning on friends right now you know to be calm and low-key in a crisis, not emotional ambulance chasers. After a week, my boobs were still huge and my period was late. A missed period is one where someone did not get a period for one or more whole cycles.


You might be pregnant and just didn't have enough HCG pregnancy hormones in your urine sample to turn your home pregnancy test positive. Here are some things you can avoid or limit that won't help you out: Things get "real" real fast after that.

Jan 9, - I am now 10 days late (not pregnant) for my period, and I know it is because . 4 months ago I had a health scare which caused chronic stress. Oct 21, - Almost every sexually active woman has felt anxious at least once in her life, wondering whether or not her period is going to start. It's usually. Sep 17, - Getting a pregnancy test would be the first thing to do to make sure. However, there can be other reasons why your period is late. Stress and anxiety can cause delayed ovulation which in turn would make your period later than usual. Losing or gaining a significant amount of weight can also cause you to miss a period.

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Men are just as vulnerable to this particular brand of anxiety as women. If you know you'd feel better about a healthcare provider doing your test, go that route. I suspect a better plan of action would be to have a serious talk with your girlfriend.

Late period pregnancy scare

Don't jump any more ahead than you can handle: Went to the shop in secret, took the tests in secret. I was going through super-max towels in about 20 minutes.

Late period pregnancy scare

Late period pregnancy scare

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