Semua lalat alder yang masih hidup - kira-kira 66 spesies kesemuanya - merupakan sebahagian subfamili Sialinae, yang Spesies Indosialis bannaensis X.-y.

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The SSNM strives to enable farmers to dynamically adjust fertilizer use to optimally fill the deficit between the nutrient needs of a high yielding crop and the nutrient supply from naturally occurring indigenous sources. The critical period of N management was observed to be 15, 25 and 55 days after transplanting for Lalat and 15, 55 and 85 days after transplanting for Swarna to maintain the optimum SPAD values at the critical growth stages i. To maintain optimum SPAD value at the critical growth stages, the N fertilizer needs to be applied about 10 days before appearance of the critical stages as seen in our experiment. The time series data indicated considerable difference in the SPAD values between the two varieties Lalat and Swarna at each N application level as well as no N application control as shown in Fig.

Lalat x

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Turner and Jund demonstrated that chlorophyll meter measured leaf greenness and could predict the need for N top dressing at pre-panicle initiation and panicle differentiation for rice in Texas. Rice seedlings of 21 days old were transplanted on mid week of July in each plot with 2 to 3 seedlings per hill with a spacing of 20x20 cm. Blanket or package fertilizer recommendations over large areas are not efficient because indigenous nutrient supply varies widely among rice fields in Asia Dobermann and White, Chlorophyll meter provides instantaneous on-site information on crop N status as SPAD reading in a nondestructive manner.

Lalat x

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The SPAD value calculated from the relation for the critical yield was assumed as critical SPAD value, when quick N management is necessary for correction of the deficiency. There is close relationship between amount of applied N to soil and N content of grain, which ultimately determines the yield of crops Wilson et al.


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Hot teen chick alexis crystal public street sex gang bang dogging So, the challenge for farmers is to convert the applied N in soil to grain yield with maximum efficiency because N is one of the most costly inputs to rice based cropping system.

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By using this tool, we can synchronize fertilizer N application with actual crop demand. March 25, ; Accepted:

Lalat x

Also flooded soils have several pathways for nitrogen loss resulting in low N fertilizer recovery efficiency, which remains a problem in rice production in Asia. Cum on face of a young cute blonde teen girl through a car window By using this tool, we can synchronize fertilizer N application with actual crop demand.

Lalat x

Lalat x

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