Sep 11, - The Dagenham girls: Meet the four women whose crusading work inspired a new film. By Maureen Paton for MailOnline. Updated: EST.

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Ladies of dagenham

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I was harassed for 9 months following my claim by the owner of the company and I had to resign for the sake of my health. The three women are reminiscing about the 45th anniversary of female Ford sewing machinists going on strike on 7 June in protest at their jobs being classified as unskilled - a story that inspired the film Made in Dagenham, starring Sally Hawkins, Bob Hoskins and Miranda Richardson.

Ladies of dagenham

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Ford's four women feel some women are still "used" by employers today, but they acknowledge the improvements. My grandmother had to resign her job as a teacher when she got married; ever wonder why female teachers are always referred to as "Miss"? One member told me " He hinted that the dispute could eventually put 40, Ford jobs at risk.

Ladies of dagenham

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Others point to a lack of affordable childcare, the uneven divide of domestic work, that women more commonly work in "ghettoised areas, the Five Cs - caring, catering, cleaning, cooking, and childcare". Their action surprised their colleagues who were often their fathers, brothers and male friends and relatives. Julian R, Sheffield, England It is a brave employer who takes on female staff of childbearing age.

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Not if she's got a family". Twenty-first century prejudices make it tempting to jump to conclusions about that image, but these were hardly women playing up to some hackneyed Essex stereotype. No machinists meant no seats.

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If the confrontational mood of those three weeks is what most outsiders associate with the Ford sewing machinists, it is not how the striking women recall their year-plus careers with the firm. Ford no longer makes cars at Dagenham.

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And despite the Equality Act of , women are still waiting on a government decision on whether to make private companies reveal their pay gap. It's obvious isn't it? The full banner read:

Jun 6, - For Vera Sime, a former sewing machinist at Ford's Dagenham plant in Along with scores of female colleagues infuriated by a pay structure. Jun 5, - Eileen was one of the leaders when female machinists at Dagenham, East London, went on strike in demanding an equal pay. Sep 11, - The Dagenham girls: Meet the four women whose crusading work inspired a new film. By Maureen Paton for MailOnline. Updated: EST.

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He did, but the striking women also received abuse from male Ford colleagues who were not able to work - as well as their wives. My grandmother had to resign her job as a teacher when she got married; ever wonder why female teachers are always referred to as "Miss"? This is then use to justify paying you less than full timers.

Ladies of dagenham

The problem with this sort of under-grading is that it can be more easily hidden and it is more difficult to stand your corner. Men were designated as the bread-winner whether they wanted that role or not. The sewing machinists walked out and became a national news story.

Ladies of dagenham

Ladies of dagenham

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  1. Dousar says:

    As the 60s swung, she says, women working in factories were still lagging behind the middle class feminist movement.

  2. Malmaran says:

    We just saw the top of his body anyway as the machines were up like this," she says, gesturing at a level that preserved his modesty.

  3. Tujind says:

    From our perspective of "equality mindedness", convenience food, labour saving devices and the welfare state, this may all seem odd, but it was practical and widely accepted at the time.

  4. Tejin says:

    When Henry Ford visited Dagenham, Effing Eileen sat on the front row and wore a hat on which she had written the word "bollocks". The Dagenham girls were very brave to stand their corner but I fear that unions are not what they were and do not have the guts to back up workers on these issues.

  5. Gardacage says:

    That's not unfair if I work five days and she works three, especially as I now cover part of the work she was doing on the two days she no longer works!

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