Celebrate Gay Pride in Hawaii at Kauai Pride! A Smaller Intimate Gay Pride Celebration! All Your Kauai Pride News & Information at Hawaii's Gay Island Guide.

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Kauai gay

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Most days when the Hanalei Bay is cloudy, you can find sun here. Some just cruise by, while others will actually let you disembark for lunch. Look for the peacocks and other birds that make the village home, too. When we met them this time, it was at the Walmart parking lot.

Kauai gay

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When we met them this time, it was at the Walmart parking lot. Visitors, especially those who plan on going on a long hike through this verdant area, should check out the Kokee Natural History Museum. Old Koloa town, nearby, features picturesque buildings from the sugar plantation days.

Kauai gay

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Finally, head on up-canyon to the Kalalau Valley lookout — from here, you can see down the valley to part of the Wild Napali Coast, the northwester part of the island so rugged that no road crosses it, and the only ways in are on foot, by helicopter, or by sea. Beyond Hanalei are the breathtaking, 3,foot cliffs of the aforementioned Napali Coast. This place is different from almost anywhere else on earth you will ever find see the pictures below. It was once much larger, but the salt spray damaged some of the nearest sugarcane fields, so a shortsighted foreman dynamited the original spout to prevent crop damage — you can sill see the hole he blew in the lava rock.

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The gift store also features other local foods, and an explanation of how coffee is grown and harvested here to make the many varieties they offer. If you ask the guide, she will tell you that Robert Allerton and John Gregg were gay and were in fact partners.

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Turn off at the Kilauea exit, then follow the signs toward the Lighthouse. The waters are often rough and magnificent here, especially in the inlet between the lighthouse and the next bluff, and you can take some beautiful pictures of the north coast including Princeville in the distance on a clear day. More info on these caves is available in the Ultimate Kauai Guidebook, our go-to book for Kauai visits. Because of the intriguing geographic scenery, these areas have been the constant backdrops for hollywood movies such as Jurassic park and many more.

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In addition to natural beauty and relatively calm waters, Poipu is frequented by a wide variety of marine life, including humpback whales, green sea turtles, and endangered Hawaiian monk seals. But the surviving spout is still quite impressive. Allerton adopted Gregg because it was the only way, at the time, that he could be insured that Gregg would be able to inherit the land after he died. The island is owned by the Robinson family, and they use it for cattle ranching.

Gay Kauai Guide, meet gay and lesbian locals, find reviews of gay bars, clubs, hotels, beaches, and things to do to help you plan your next gay vacation to Kauai. Gay Kauai offers a more relaxed and laid back vibe than some of the other gay Hawaiian islands. Known as the “Garden Isle” -- it's a true Eden on Earth. Nov 17, - Here's our list of great things to do on gay Kauai.:) she will tell you that Robert Allerton and John Gregg were gay and were in fact partners.

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Take a Helicopter Tour http: The natural abundance of vegetation on this island is sure to bring peace to the mind of the traveler and help relax sensory receptors.

Kauai gay

As you drive up from the ocean, watch for a stretch of red dirt along the left-hand side of the road at around the four mile mark. Barking Sands Where the sand is coarse and crunches barks under your feet.

Kauai gay

Kauai gay

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    If the tide is high, you can reach the cove above the rocks, crossing through the jungle — just be careful because the rocks can be sharp.

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    Beware, though, as there are often hordes of mosquitoes here — take bug spray.

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    Tahiti Nui The ambiance is wonderful, giving you the feel of dining in a traditional "Hale," a very Polynesian feel.

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    The best way to view the island is by kayak tour.

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    This beach is fabulous.

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