Today's show is with an amazing connector and all around awesome person, Judy Robinett. Judy Robinett is a power connector and the author of How to Be a.

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Judy robinett

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There are a thousand incubators for them. Start by following Judy Robinett. Go to co-working spaces and seek advice.

Judy robinett

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Start by following Judy Robinett. They are appreciative of the time and efforts of others. She took a sizable SBA loan and started a restaurant.

Judy robinett

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You have to get out from behind the desk to and go meet with potential customers. They are interesting and passionate about what they do. They enjoy being with people, and they are happy to connect with others from all walks of life, social strata, political persuasions, religions, and diverse backgrounds.

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Click on the image above to purchase this book on Amazon. They are cognizant of and willing to admit to their strengths and weaknesses. In a year a VC sees proposals.

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They like to help others succeed. She sits on the boards and helps them find funding.

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They have a good reputation based on real results. She grew up shy and bullied but worked her way through college to Fortune company employment and eventually the stage of MIT. In a year a VC sees proposals.

In her career Judy has led both public and private companies as CEO, and served in management positions at Fortune companies. She is on the advisory. Judy Robinett uses humor, research, and personal experiences to outline a path to success by finding the right. Sign Up Today! Sign Up! Free eBook. Get it. ORDER JUDY'S BOOK TODAY! Order! C-Suite Book Club. Go. Connect. Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Pinterest.

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There is no lack of money for start-ups. They are interesting and passionate about what they do. People must know, like, and trust you before sharing their valuable social capital.

Judy robinett

An article about how to become financially independent in the US caught her eye which said there were 5 ways and the last one said start a business. There is no lack of money for start-ups.

Judy robinett

Judy robinett

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