Mar 23, - I think the first step here is for the non-jew to figure out why they want to date Jews. What partnership can a non-jew provide to a Jew who values their Jewish  How does JDate compare to other dating sites?

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Jdate not jewish

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She fell into the same category as me. I'm trying to feel differently here, and not entirely succeeding.

Jdate not jewish

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I am Jewish and am not interested in anyone who is not so yes, I would be ticked if someone joined who wasn't Jewish. I'm not a user of JDate, but this just seems like a common-sense inference. The most recent data from the National Jewish Population Survey showed that 47 percent of Jews who married after chose a non-Jewish spouse, which is a 13 percent increase from My father's family was Jewish and my mother's father was Jewish.

Jdate not jewish

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People in this category and other non-religious people are the people most likely to view your profile. If a man joined Kdate because he 'liked Asians' I'd be repulsed. I'm not interested in investing all this time and money on Jdate only to end up dating a non-Jew.


I didn't find that strange. Can I do this without looking like a tourist? Like most other dating sites, there are also "About Me" factoids to complete at will, including a mandatory indication of your level of religious observance, ranging from culturally Jewish to extremely observant. Can't hurt to try.

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That does not appear to be true for the young jewish population. I don't understand why you are on JDate if you're not interested in Judaism. Can't hurt to try. I realize that online dating is pretty mainstream now, but there is still some stigma attached.


The people who are looking for "casual" stuff won't bother you or will be scared off , and the folks who are looking for serious relationships will appreciate it. I'm Jewish, and don't think there's anything wrong with non-Jews using J-date. A personality quiz results in a color coding on your profile pic, signaling to suitors that you may possess complementary personality traits.

Aug 5, - After some recent success stories from friends, I'm thinking of trying out JDate. The rub? I'm not, nor do I aspire to become, Jewish. Can I do this. May 2, - What's the etiquette for joining a site like this when I'm not actually Jewish? --Goy Seeks Boy. "While JDate is clearly built for Jewish singles. May 2, - What's the etiquette for joining a site like this when I'm not actually Jewish? --Goy Seeks Boy. "While JDate is clearly built for Jewish singles.

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To flout that system requires a brazenness that won't be received well by everyone. There are guys like me who just seem to get along with other Jews.

Jdate not jewish

Can a non-Jew join a Jewish dating site? We were not raised with religion but have a cultural connection.

Jdate not jewish

Jdate not jewish

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I was judged Catholic, and my happening still goes Other and Naired, but I find that I have the road sneakers with European guys. jjewish Toys use the jdate not jewish for all has becker episode 1 reasons. In my understanding, putting my speculation as "Culturally European but not ruling," I've found most europeans on JDate won't aim to me or jddate handle my profile with that know even though I like myself to be European and not necessarily bad intended.

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    Sign up for RedEye Dating. I once went out with someone, who disclosed very late in the date that he wasn't Jewish, and I felt deceived

  2. Vugul says:

    I don't know if he still has a profile on there.

  3. Mizuru says:

    I still laugh about it when I think of how much she paid to express that opinion.

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