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Iwanna spartanburg


Another thing it's good to know is how to sail dead downwind, a point of sail when the sail is no longer a wing--it's just something to catch the wind and move you along with it. It's pulled by a small SUV.

Iwanna spartanburg

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A very old boat with a double diamond set of mast stays with running back stays, plus all the down hauls and such. It's the same principle as an airplane wing. If someone truly mastered all aspects of the boat they could sail a 30 ft. You would probably need a little help learning how to rig it, but it looks pretty forgiving in terms of sailing.

Iwanna spartanburg

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I actually have a small boat with a small out board and a trolling motor. I have two compressed discs in my back that I went through physical therapy to help correct. Simple to build,simple to sail. This means you have a 90 degree window of impossibility but the boat will sail on any other point around that circle, through about degrees.

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Laser-wise, start with a Radial or the other reduced-sail-area version. All the advice about sailing classes sounds wise to me! How does the wind act on the sail in a head wind or cross wind?

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I was only referring to the shore part of the class. Tylerdurden I figure a nice sit down cockpit with a long tiller would work nicely.

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Looks familiar but I can't come up with a name. I take every chance I can to use boats on the waterfront too. How does the wind act on the sail in a head wind or cross wind?

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You need something very stable like a little cat boat. I tried looking at Howstufworks.

Iwanna spartanburg

In that case, a fixed-keel is the way to go. Being a former pilot and line service guy,I can relate to lift, like on a wing of an aircraft.

Iwanna spartanburg

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    They are intended for the permanent novice sailor. It's only on bigger boats not trailerable, permanently rigged that you can be relaxed and more comfortable.

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