Mar 23, - Every teacher of english whether in England, the rest of the UK or abroad has a duty to teach correct grammar. If I visit a country where english.

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Is stupidest proper grammar

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For what it's worth, in COCA the results for stupidest and most stupid are and 42 respectively, whereas for stupider and more stupid I find 73 and 56 results. There was a whole list of adjectives we memorized that were not intensified by "-er" but by "more". I find that both stupidest and most stupid work for me. My mother insists that the door be opened.

Is stupidest proper grammar

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I don't know why. If it didn't matter then why would so many english teachers spend so much effort educating us? Effect and Affect Effect is the result of something.

Is stupidest proper grammar

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It would be wrong to tell the OP that 'stupider' works in all situations. As to the question about 'stupider' at hand, more stupid sounds much 'better' than more stupid, and stupider sounds very informal. That BBQ sauce is even tastier! Your vs You're Your is a possessive pronoun.

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For example, "Although the office was in a new building, its roof leaked whenever it rained. For example, "They're arriving at the conference tomorrow. I hope that you have less uncertainty about grammar and make fewer mistakes! For example, "this workout affects the way I walk.

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Incidentally when visiting South America I speak spanish as spoken in Spain because that's the official spanish. Subject-Pronoun Agreement The verb tense is singular so "like" must be referring to both Mary and Kelly. Elicit vs Illicit Elicit is a verb meaning "to bring out.

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To err is human. I wonder if you know where the Oxford dictionary is made. Less can only refer to uncountable things, such as water, confidence, and energy. I've had loads of experiences where different versions of english have been spoken and different meanings interpreted from them.

But the major dictionaries would disagree; stupider is commonly cited as the correct comparative form of the adjective stupid. Stupider is grammatically correct. Mar 3, - I was taught, in my stuffy elementary school, that the proper usage would . Jeezopete, that is probably one of the stupider grammar rules I've. It's not really a question of opinion. Stupider is, as the dictionaries and usage you quote show, entirely grammatical. It is also in rather common use, though less.

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Sorry for the indoctrination, though. OED doesn't have either.

Is stupidest proper grammar

I thought this was an English language forum but apparently my thoughts are not required. Only words with one syllable could have the "er" i. Then and Than Then has to do with time and the order in which events occur.

Is stupidest proper grammar

Is stupidest proper grammar

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What other addition grammar mistakes do you see. You are either u or you are not.
I love that we can now lay this decisive grammar error to solitary. Like the members he mentioned he through in the previous question?.

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  1. Akijinn says:

    Most people say sing, sang, sung, but there are some forms, like drug for dragged or snuck for sneaked, that are unfamiliar even if they're perfectly grammatical.

  2. Tygojora says:

    In fact, in general, —id words use more and most instead of —er and —est.

  3. Zulkill says:

    I imagine it's due to the same phenomenon that now accepts empathic, where there proper word as I was taught would've been empathetic. The comparative form is more lucid, and the superlative form is most lucid.

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