Oct 6, - The name of Irma Grese is less well known than that of Rudolph H?ss, Josef Kramer or many other names of persons that left their black mark.

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Irma grese stories

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Grese had a penchant for selecting not only the sick and the weak but any woman who had retained vestiges of her former beauty. Grese noticed this and ordered one of the SS guards to shoot the woman, which he did. After she finished the Landjahr Grese went to work in a SS sanatorium in Hohenlychen as an assistant nurse. Being only 18 years old Grese received a wage of only 54 Reichsmark, much less than the wages of the other guards.

Irma grese stories

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What I speak of I speak of to my own knowledge. Pierrepoint , which portrays her execution following the Belsen war crimes trial; and Out of the Ashes They spoke in detail about her behaviour in the camps and the terror and fright that struck them whenever they saw her. Her good looks with large blue eyes and long blond hair were noticed even by the inmates, as is testified by several survivors.

Irma grese stories

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Were you given calendars either at Auschwitz or Belsen? Grese had heard that there was an inmate that looked like her.

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Grese was not the kitchen Kommandant, she came in there with the Lager Kommandant on inspection. Grese had a penchant for selecting not only the sick and the weak but any woman who had retained vestiges of her former beauty. God that smell was fearsome.

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There are testimonies that prove without any doubt that Irma Grese was a sadist. Perl declared after the war that Grese would watch along regularly when she examined women and that Grese became sexually aroused when she saw that these women were in pain.


I have seen Grese do it in Auschwitz and about a fortnight before the British troops liberated Belsen I saw her beat a girl in the camp. The second concentration camp:

Jun 26, - “Irma Grese was probably the worst human being I have ever encountered. She also worked at Auschwitz and I asked her the same question I. Dec 7, - Meet Irma Grese, “The Beautiful Beast” And One Of The Nazis’ Most Feared Guards. How Irma Grese went from being a troubled teen to becoming one of the most sadistic guards to ever work inside a Nazi concentration camp. Like many Germans, she was bewitched by Hitler and at Jun 1, - Yet, to the female prisoners held in camps such as Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Ravensbr?ck, the names Irma Grese, Maria Mandl and.

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Often concerning crimes committed by soldiers against civilians. During the entire trial she had showed very few emotions. You affected heavy top-boots and you liked to walk around with a revolver strapped on your waist and a whip in your hand, did you not?

Irma grese stories

I cannot remember with what she used to beat them because I had to stand at attention. Many would die even after being liberated due to the prolonged exposure to abuse, malnutrition, lack of shelter etcetera. In her position Grese held power over tens of thousands and she had the power to destroy hundreds whenever she wanted to.

Irma grese stories

Irma grese stories

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    Field marshall Bernard Montgomery was to be the instance of appeal.

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    Those people never went to the loo, it all went into the mattress which was just a straw sack, and when someone died the next person would just be put on there.

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    Appeal against this was not possible.

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    Had you any authority to issue orders to an SS guard? After Grese forced the inmate surgeon at the infirmary into performing her illegal abortion, she disclosed that she planned a career in film acting after the war.

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    The truth about this is contested. Was the body taken away on a stretcher by hand or was it taken away by something on wheels?

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