You use Sensing (S) and Intuition (N) to receive and process new information either by using your five senses or in more abstract ways. Sensing and Intuition are opposite preferences. A person's natural tendency toward one will be stronger than the other.

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Intuition or sensing

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It is more likely that an Intuitive will make careless errors in calculation and computation in Mathematics. In this section, you will understand key differences between Sensors and Intuitives. It quickly became clear that the Intuitive types would be much more willing to give up the convenience, comfort and predictability of the modern age in return for excitement brought by exploration, distant civilizations, and undiscovered mysteries of the New World. A "Feeler" makes decisions on the individual case, in a subjective manner based on what they believe to be right within their own value systems.

Intuition or sensing


They like logic and tend to pursue things in a clear sequence. A good example of these differences can be seen clearly in the classroom, where teachers teach according to their preference either Sensing or Intuition and students learn according to theirs. These differences have the greatest implications when it comes to communication differences and challenges. Let them dream; encourage imagination.

Intuition or sensing

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In contrast, individuals with the Observant trait focus on the actual world and things happening around them. This is why a job that requires practical Mathematics like accounting will suit the Sensor more; their precision in tabulating numbers is key.

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Show logical sequence of steps. Sensing Sensors pay attention to both immediate data from their five senses and from their own direct experiences. Sensing and Intuition The "SN" preference refers to how we gather information.

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Observant types are also significantly better at focusing on just one thing at a time instead of bursting with energy and juggling multiple activities. A "Feeler" makes decisions on the individual case, in a subjective manner based on what they believe to be right within their own value systems. Although they often take more time to complete tasks, they are less likely to commit these minor errors. One could even say that these individuals never actually feel as if they truly belong to this world.

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They prefer practical and specific facts, preferably something they can perceive with their physical senses. In school, the Intuitives were able to get Mathematics questions conceptually right very quickly without the need for continual practice. Judging and Perceiving Judging and Perceiving preferences, within the context of personality types, refers to our attitude towards the external world, and how we live our lives on a day-to-day basis.

This section Sensing-Intuition Preferences will delve deeper into how differently the two types perceive information and what kind of information do they trust the. Extraversion and Introversion; Sensing and Intuition; Thinking and Feeling; Judging and The "Sensing" preference absorbs data in a literal, concrete fashion. The second scale in our model is called Energy and it connects Intuitive and Observant styles. In our opinion, this dichotomy is the most important while the.

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In these situations, our dominant preference will take over. This is a question that an Intuitive would love to answer.

Intuition or sensing

They may be seen as impractical, theoretical and lacking determination by Sensors. They like ideas and inspiration and tend to have a focus on the future, where they will plan to change the world rather than continue to live in the imperfect present. They are not as interested in the world of ideas; they may even see these ideas as wishful thinking by the Intuitives.

Intuition or sensing

Intuition or sensing

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