Apr 8, - Find yourself on the receiving end of a barbed remark? Try these retorts to win the war of linguistic acrobatics.

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Intellectual comebacks


We utterly loathe you, and don't respect your right to life. This one is so cordial.

Intellectual comebacks

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Telling someone that you wish they were dead is not only a lazy comeback, but it's also grossly overused. I never pick on somebody who is unarmed. Haven't we met before?

Intellectual comebacks

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Why are you implying that? It obviously doesn't in yours! His siblings Lionel and Ethel were also renowned thespians, and his granddaughter Drew is terrible at everything.

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Here are some cool examples of the same that are bound to make you break into a smile. I'm just saying, I'm from Delaware, and we know a thing or two about taking care of business -- whether that business is working hard at the factory to put our kids through school, or volunteering at the fire department to rescue our neighbors, or murdering women with poisoned coffee.

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Sucks to be you. The first person who compares us to a cookie wins our love forever. Got a witty comeback?

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I believe in business before pleasure. All downhill from here.

Sep 23, - Not all of us are great at coming up with comebacks on the spot. In fact . the last thing that we want to do is expend mental energy on logic. Sep 25, - The only way to respond to rude and arrogant people is to be armed with clever comebacks. Here are 6 such comebacks that only the smartest. Apr 8, - Find yourself on the receiving end of a barbed remark? Try these retorts to win the war of linguistic acrobatics.

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When you find yourself in an altercation, you don't have to start stressing about what kind of witty comeback you're going to lay down when it's your turn to respond. This is the most sophisticated burn that we've seen in years. Why do you smell funny?

Intellectual comebacks

Immature and totally uncalled for? You know, I've been asked to get married over a hundreds times. What are you implying?

Intellectual comebacks

Intellectual comebacks

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  1. Digul says:

    Replying to the rude Comebacks to have on hand "Oh I'm sorry that the middle of my sentence interrupted the beginning of yours.

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