Jun 11, - It's not uncommon to find a ton of articles written about the compatibility of certain zodiac signs. But what you don't tend to see is any advice.

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Incompatible horoscope signs

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But, the more these two settle into their relationship, the more their inherent incompatibilities are exposed. Aquarius might feel frustrated with rigid thinking of Taurus. Pisces are dreamers and rely on instinct. The same happens with Sagittarius.

Incompatible horoscope signs

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The initial attraction might be very strong, but if a relationship between opposite signs keeps working, both sides may be willing to commit or cope with the incompatibility. Too much, too fast will cause the Scorpio to pull away and leave the Pisces feeling vulnerable.

Incompatible horoscope signs

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Libra Aries, the Ram, is a fire sign. Scorpio may also have problems with Aquarius, as the are both very stubborn.

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It's just a matter of finding that common ground and being willing to accept one another's quirks, likes and dislikes. Aries' opposite sign is Libra. Do you want to know what these signs are?

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Gemini Cancer Gemini and Cancer are totally incompatible These zodiacs probably make the least compatible pairing of all the signs. Saying this, remember that there are always exceptions from the general rules. Sagittarius Sagittarius is less compatible with Virgo and Pisces and is totally opposed to Gemini. And do not forget to follow us on Instagram Source:

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So what do you do if you find out that you and your significant other are a mismatch? Sometimes, love is not enough, there have to be other factors for a couple to be successful. Capricorn experiences difficulties in controlling Libra.

Mar 27, - What happens if you meet the one only to discover they are a total zodiac mismatch? Well, don't panic. Here are sure-fire ways to make even. The least compatible astrology signs are those that typically clash with one another. Each sign has some specific traits -- and if those traits don't mesh well with. Jun 16, - Incompatibility: Earth and Water signs tend to extinguish fire, so Aries isn't super compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo (Earth signs).

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This may finish with quarrels or huge attraction. Capricorn is slow and constant in his efforts to win the race.

Incompatible horoscope signs

It can often feel as though the Virgo is always trying to move forward whereas the Aries is trying to hold them back. Share on Facebook Share this photo on Facebook Less compatible astrological signs are often those that collide one with the other. However, it will be very difficult to make serious and solid decisions about their future.

Incompatible horoscope signs

Incompatible horoscope signs

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