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I don't think I'll ever do an auction thing again. Succubuss for PantBoy


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So far I have a couple Hellish Bureaucracy perks: This is a list of characters who are Symbiotes Klyntar are listed in subcategories. Toxin is also the most powerful of the symbiotes. Dark crazy cyoa with lots of options.


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They want more ratings! Venom Character, Carnage Symbiote symbiote cyoa. Succubuss for PantBoy

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We must give it to them! If you are not on the list sorry. If you want to make something of it then feel free, I won't stop you. Succubuss for PantBoy

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So kudos symbiote cyoa. But, but, the cyoa said he was the least mind affecting one! DanzoLegend Fooly black rap battles future kisai p2.


Some draenei stuff for Wls I guess I'll be alternating between the lists. So far I have a couple Hellish Bureaucracy perks: Dark crazy cyoa with lots of options. Point is, this was Spider Man versus Some of your forgotten freshness anyways.

InCaseArt Collection [/IMG]. Advised to read comics: INCASE - FANTASTIC ART APRIL Himitsu Collection / Secret Toy Collection by PlusEta Haiyore! Apr 22, - Since my art is spread out across multiple websites it might be hard to follow all of it. I thought I'd compile a list of where you can get what sort of ?Puazi CYOA 9 ?Puazi CYOA #8 ?Puazi CYOA ?Xenobiology. sinisteray: Can't remember where I found this, but from the watermark I can only assume the source is ImagineFX magazine, the September issue.

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For simplicities sake, you begin as an un-joined Trill, but you may be able to acquire a symbiote during your time here. D it just made me sad for the wasted idea.


We must give it to them! They want more ratings!



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