“Can you tell me what dictates “breaking” the no contact rule. I think I But never think that no contact should always immediately follow a breakup. It may not be.

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I keep breaking the no contact rule

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Is it still too late to do the no contact rule? But, as a woman, I can tell you hair ties and bobby pins are acceptable losses. The same is true for no contact. It really depends on the type of breakup you had and how much desperate and needy you have been since the breakup.

I keep breaking the no contact rule

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Hint Hint… You cannot always do a strict no contact rule. Don't set a deadline. Your ex is not going to miss you if they see you everyday.

I keep breaking the no contact rule


Instead of thinking of those 30 days as an interruption of your life, you need to view them as an opportunity to remember what your life looks and feels like without that person. The part that I believe can have positive life changing consequences is the self recovery process. Obsessing Over Your Ex You are not helping yourself if you are watching every movement of your ex. For example here are a few things that might turn up on a list:

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This is hardly the foundation for building a lasting relationship. Do everything in your power to make yourself feel better, just remember that contacting your ex is not going to do it. However, both parties of the relationship need to understand what "no contact" means if it is going to work. Finally, it is important to acknowledge that some relationships cannot and should not be repaired.

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Let them fizzle and expand into energy you can use to heal yourself. In principle, the process is extremely simple but, in practice, it requires a great deal of willpower and self-control to see it through. A breakup works the same way.

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Even if they initially think you are contacting them out of neediness, you will soon prove them wrong by your actions and words. Issues that were probably the reason you guys broke up in the first place.

You have to use the no contact period to stop the addiction of your ex. And as If your ex contacts you, it doesn't count as breaking the no contact rule. However. That is why I wrote “The No Contact Rule Book”. It's difficult, almost impossible, to keep No Contact if you are constantly hearing from your ex. Usually, letting. So, you have almost finished the no contact rule and you still want your Wait, are these the type of people who go around breaking everyone's heart because You may have the right mindset, but it's not always enough to get your ex back.

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Well, the truth is that I came up with them as a result of my wife. To help your healing, do not talk yourself into trying to maintain a friendship.

I keep breaking the no contact rule

And how to use it! To recap; here is what to do after no contact if you want your ex back. You should choose the best medium to contact your ex by considering how you used to communicate and whether or not your ex blocked you before no contact.

I keep breaking the no contact rule

I keep breaking the no contact rule

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