Mar 26, - I have to disagree with the others (even Franklin, LOL!). There is actually such a thing as a responsible No Contact Rule (NCR) and it makes a lot of sense if you  Is it too late to use the “no contact” rule with your ex three.

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I broke the no contact rule now what


Have you really gone back to Day 1? Continuing to live your life as you have been doing gives you less time to fret about your ex and more time to concentrate on the present. What do you do? By Chris Seiter Ah, the no contact rule!

I broke the no contact rule now what


You should be so busy that you hardly ever have time to think about your old relationship. I hate this no contact crap.

I broke the no contact rule now what

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You are demonstrating that you are not strong enough to survive on your own and that you need someone to cling onto. There are different types of work. I knew exactly how she felt and I knew she would need some insight and comforting because she was beating herself up badly.

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Some who are feeling bitter or scorned may see it as a means of punishing their ex. By this point of the guide you should know that a standard no contact rule is 30 days. I mean, there are NC rules that extend up to 90 days. If you decide to contact your ex, then you need to do it in a lighthearted, no-strings-attached way.

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This comes off as desperate and will have the opposite effect of what we are trying to accomplish here. Hence, the advice is intended to cover all eventualities. Both you and your ex bf may be seriously questioning whether this breakup is the real deal.

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If you truthfully believe that you can contact your ex in a rational manner, and think it would be productive to do so, then there are ways that you can go about this. Do you really want to become their confidante and hear all about their latest conquests and relationships?

Mar 30, - I Broke the No Contact Rule- Is It Too Late or Can I Start Over? In this video Clay Andrews, a relationship coach addresses the Active No Contact rule. . you can use right now to make your ex come crawling back to you. Sep 25, - No contact is a rule and like other rules we use to take care of a This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. “Can you tell me what dictates “breaking” the no contact rule. I think I Let's now talk about those cases in which it makes a lot of sense to seriously consider.

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I mean, you just carve out a block of time and ignore him. We're not concerned with how this other person feels or why they make their choices.

I broke the no contact rule now what

Whatever decision you come to, you must feel confident and relaxed about it. Should you contact them instead?

I broke the no contact rule now what

I broke the no contact rule now what

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  1. Akit says:

    So there is no magic number that you must adhere to at all costs. Have you managed to go 30 days without any contact?

  2. Dairisar says:

    You brim with false hope and mistakenly believe that the nightmare is finally over, you are going to get back together and live happily ever after.

  3. Gabar says:

    Don't set a deadline.

  4. Shakajas says:

    Have they been dating since you broke up?

  5. Gujinn says:

    If you add an additional 4 from the four weeks you have ahead of you that means that 10 weeks will have gone by and you will have given your ex boyfriend plenty of opportunities to respond to your attempts to reach out.

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