Sep 28, - HowAboutWe for Couples is a membership-based service that delivers one-of-a-kind experiences to members every month. A week before the new month starts, HowAboutWe will ship its fresh datebook to subscribers.

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Howaboutwe for couples

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You won't find the places that are discussed in reverent tones in your local paper or magazine. The National Marriage Project found that married men and women who go on a date at least once a week were 3. Other offers are free and feel like they should be free. For two years, singles have flocked to the dating website HowAboutWe to meet their future significant others.

Howaboutwe for couples

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By Lydia Dishman 3 minute Read What happens when you build a business model on helping singles find their true love and you have an excellent success rate? I feel like this might be jumping over many steps, but whatever. Image courtesy of Ann Street Studio HowAboutWe also expanded into international territory last month, and the company runs a number of other sites including DateReport. With their model, Schildkrout says, HowAboutWe is able to provide more unique offerings than the daily voucher companies.

Howaboutwe for couples

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Propose a duet — "something you want to do with someone you love" — and wait for a response. Meet at a subway stop. Bad Things The Rewards Section: Some of the free offers have actual monetary value.

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And how many slushies we can consume. You can include short video with these private one-on-one invites. Avocado On Avocado , couples can privately message, share moments and create to-do lists for dates, dream vacations or weekly grocery needs.

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Cupple The Cupple app encourages intimacy and communication. Serve Members, Not the Companies: We can get to know each other on high-level things during, and then drunkenly ramble about whatever bullshit we want afterward.

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Click to expand Of course, even with the best intentions, a special night out can often resemble a regular old night in. HowAboutWe For Couples is an off-shoot of the popular HowAboutWe, a novel concept that aims to get strangers together for events that one person proposes to the other.

Sep 28, - HowAboutWe for Couples is a membership-based service that delivers one-of-a-kind experiences to members every month. A week before the new month starts, HowAboutWe will ship its fresh datebook to subscribers. Sep 27, - Helping couples to stay happy, connected and in love is what HowAboutWe for Couples is all about. Each month, members receive a DateBook. Aug 5, - Recently, I signed up for How About We. Some friends have had some success with it, and I felt like I needed a dating win, so I gave it a shot.

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How about we… 1. Recent studies bear out the positive effects of date nights for established couples. Free Concierge Service for personalized date planning, anytime.

Howaboutwe for couples

Archive important milestones, future dates and memos. By Joann Pan

Howaboutwe for couples

Howaboutwe for couples

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    There's also space to archive important dates, add to couple to-do lists and share precious moments.

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    Two popular packages that were offered recently include "Lazy Sunday," a home delivery of brunch and dinner ingredients, and an experience called "Once in a Lifetime," offering couples two tickets to the Once musical on Broadway.

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