Apr 15, - There are many ways you can offer practical help to the recently bereaved including what not to say.

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How to support a grieving spouse

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This goes hand-in-hand with 1. Postcards, formal bereavement letters, emails, WhatsApp pings, texts and Facebook messages.

How to support a grieving spouse

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The sender had three-and-a-half years to send it. Never compare the loss of a significant loved one to the loss of a pet. What we all do know, though, is that appearances can be deceiving. But it definitely made me feel like death was dirty and that there was something unsayable about what was happening to us.

How to support a grieving spouse

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Seven years ago, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer before dying three and a half years later. He or she may need to maintain control in order to work through grief. Remain available for as long as you can.


Be a good listener. Put their hand in yours. Contact us at editors time. The bereaved person will still be grieving.

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If they want time to themselves, you may need to let this happen, even if it makes you feel anxious or shut out. So just say something. Telling stories, reminiscing and sharing fond memories of that parent is important.

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You know the things that stress them out. Your grieving friend will probably have something similar if you ask.

Helping a partner who is grieving can be really challenging. Grief can be very volatile and unpredictable. Everyone deals with grief differently. Some people. Apr 6, - Love Essentially: How to help your spouse grieve the loss of a parent Here are Gerber's four tips for helping your spouse when his or her. Jan 26, - It was a horrible time, during which I relied heavily on support from friends and family. Perhaps to an ex rather than current partner? It doesn't.

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And, whatever you end up saying, you're always wondering if it was the right thing, if it sounded stupid or even if you made the person feel worse. Acknowledge just how bad it really is.

How to support a grieving spouse

Even if they appear to be coping, it will be a comfort to know you are there if they do need help. If they need space, then give them space.

How to support a grieving spouse

How to support a grieving spouse

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  1. JoJotaxe says:

    Tears are useful to rid the body of stress hormones.

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    We welcome outside contributions.

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    She is also the creator of her divorce support website, Divorced Girl Smiling.

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    The feeling that someone cares about you and your pain can be so comforting.

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    It can also be a struggle to be patient. Be honest about your understanding of what is expected from you.

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