10 Reasons To Stop Obsessing Over That Guy Who Just Isn't Into You. No good relationship ever starts with pressure. He's probably not what you imagine him to be. Your best years are passing you by. You're more than a hookup. He's not being honest with you. You're being taken advantage of. Your friends ran out of advice.

How to stop obsessing about a guy

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You are a work in progress -- meaning that it takes time and effort to make a relationship work. They are great forms to communicate, to learn some new stuff and to have fun. Find a distraction Obsessing over a guy is time-consuming, so you should stop wasting your time.

How to stop obsessing about a guy

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Here are some tips to help you stop obsessing until you know he feels about you the way you feel about him: Be willing to notice and practice distracting from the action of the obsession. So, how do you enjoy dating without becoming too obsessed? And so it began, from this place of lack.

How to stop obsessing about a guy

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And so it began, from this place of lack. Who wants to deal with death, violation of self, and relationship brokenness? You must re-connect to your own personal power.

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You are simply infatuated with him so you created this picture in your head that has no connection to the real him. Follow the 8 steps below Obsession develops as a form of anxiety that is exacerbated by the emotion of fear.

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So the best thing to do is deactivate your social media accounts for a while or simply unfriend him. Being obsessive can and does change your attitude and behavior. Every time you see them, your obsession is just growing. You keep postponing all your outing plans just because he vaguely mentioned something like hanging out on a weekend with you, but he never calls to make real plans.

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He should be making you feel that way all the time. A part of you tells you that he is Casanova who likes messing with girls and you keep hoping that someday he will stop the behavior if he gives you a chance.

How to Avoid Obsessing over a Guy. There are many reasons you may find yourself obsessing over a guy. You might constantly wonder how much a new. How To Stop Obsessing Over The New Guy In Your Life. Do something that doesn't involve your phone. Realize that *you* can always send a text. Start thinking about dating other dudes. Don't track him like an animal. Stop expecting to hear from him at any moment (even if that one friend keeps telling you he'll text). Jan 20, - There are 10 bulletproof ways that will help you get the guy you are you happy but you just don't know how to stop obsessing over someone.

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So, you interpret every little action or non-action as a sign of their caring or rejection of you. You keep lying to you that you only want to take a quick glance at his recent photos and status updates, only to spend a whole hour downloading his best pictures and checking other girls who like them.

How to stop obsessing about a guy

It was like someone came along and flipped a crazy switch. Look out of the window and see what else you love in this life besides this guy.

How to stop obsessing about a guy

How to stop obsessing about a guy

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