Mar 16, - How To Sell Your Sperm, Blood And Body For Cash - Seriously . rumors that you could make upwards of 30, dollars for selling a testicle.

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How to sell testicles for money

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These are used to help cancer and transplant patients. Not all clinical trials pay this much, of course; it all depends on the length of time that you are asked to be a lab rat, oops, I mean clinical trial participant. Another thing you should know is that you are not going to a hospital to do this; you will be selling it to a private business, who then sell it to hospitals and other companies.

How to sell testicles for money

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If you do, you can expect to make up to 1, dollars a month for your troubles, or pleasures whatever the case may be. So what is a man to do? Here are 8 ways to sell your body for cash.

How to sell testicles for money

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Quite often, the male escort is hired to just be candy for the eyes, as well as someone that is caring, sensitive, and a great conversationalist. Places like UrineTheClear see what they did there? The reason one gets paid is that the whole process is a bit of a drag, and can take around an hour and a half.


You can make about 50 bucks doing so, but are limited to going around every two weeks, Hair Now, I know to a lot of you guys this one is not going to work out. This one is rather tricky, as any agency such as top level escort service Cowboys4Angels has to be very clear that they are just offering companionship, and not sex.

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Well, maybe not a goldmine, but you are at least sitting on a way to pay for that hot date you have on Friday night. Well here you are, broke again. If you do not live near an urban area, these plasma donation centers are hard to find, as they mostly rely on folks who are a tad down on their luck.

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Selling sperm has a serious amount of appeal to a lot of guys. You can find hundreds of paid clinical trials that have to do with pretty much any possible issue or condition. This is not only illegal, but also not true.

If you want to help the science community and line your pockets with a little bit of money there are some unconventional ways to do this by selling your body to. Aug 29, - Unfortunately, the rest of it is people asking how to sell a testicle. For whatever reason, hard-up dudes who need quick cash think that pawning. Aug 23, - The article explains that one way for a man to earn some quick cash is to donate a testicle. The payout being $35,, according to the report.

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For those of you that are having trouble following along, selling your kidney on the black market is not a good way to make a couple grand. Enter Clinical Trials I knew this guy years ago that did nothing but make his living from clinical trials, which are research studies that explore whether a medical strategy, treatment, or device is safe and effective for humans.

How to sell testicles for money

V bags and elastic belts. Hair is always needed by people in the wig making and extension business, so if you are tired of your look and want to make some cash, why not give it a try?

How to sell testicles for money

How to sell testicles for money

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    Well, as long as there are people that do drugs, there will be people that need to pass drug tests, and as long as there are drug tests then people are going to need clean urine. You can make dollars a session for this, and most plasma centers will allow you to sell it twice a week.

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