Provided you avoid the cardinal error of acting like you're out to tie him down or possess him, it's not too difficult to seduce an Aquarius man and encourage him.

How to seduce an aquarian

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An Aquarius can make a devoted caring partner but is unlikely to burn with the heat of an intense passion like a Scorpio or Leo. Title for your comment or question Your comment.

How to seduce an aquarian

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It would be a good idea to start off by engaging them in an intellectual discussion, so decide on a place which allows for long uninterrupted conversations. Don't care much for debate or talking? If you have an interest in the more deviant side of sex, then an Aquarius woman is an excellent choice. As a result, a partner who inspires new ideas with passion can be fascinating.

How to seduce an aquarian

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Perhaps you have strongly shaped eyes or have been training for years at a relatively new sport. On the upside, Aquarians are some of the most free-wheeling lovers in the zodiac.

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For example, Aquarian men seek those who provide balance and bring support to their lives. To seduce an Aquarius, you are going to have to appeal to the multiple different facets of her personality. So if you are keen on holding on to your Aquarius lover, make sure that you both have identical life goals and ways of looking at the world. Knowing what attracts Aquarius can help you figure out ways to turn on an Aquarius male.

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An ideal date for an Aquarius woman would include dinner at a restaurant with an eclectic menu. Conversation Aquarians definitely prefer intellectual partners, and communication is very important to them. Perhaps instead of starting a debate on his favorite topic, you can relay a few short facts to intrigue him. Like other Air signs, an Aquarius cannot be held down.

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Have a question related to Aquarius seduction which isn't answered? Aquarians are somewhat like a bouncing ping pong ball inside their head.

Clever tips and advice on how to seduce an Aquarius Woman and/or make an Aquarius Woman fall in love with you. There are many different ways to turn on an Aquarius male. As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius dating and love tips are always valuable. Jan 30, - As the high-minded idealists of the zodiac, no sign believes in the transcendent power of true love quite like Aquarius. But these quick-witted.

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Was this page useful? An Aquarius can make a devoted caring partner but is unlikely to burn with the heat of an intense passion like a Scorpio or Leo.

How to seduce an aquarian

As a result, don't be afraid to fall into a comfort zone with a man of this sign. If you are not breaking a law, you could even share a smoke of marijuana which in fact gives flight to their already soaring imagination.

How to seduce an aquarian

How to seduce an aquarian

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  1. Taurn says:

    A unique person who is not reserved or coy about her own eccentricities is one of the greatest turn-ons for an Aquarius man.

  2. Malkis says:

    Not least because they tend to see things a little differently to most people, which can make them both fascinating and insightful to share subjects with.

  3. Nikogar says:

    That's fine; just be sure to show your intelligence off to Aquarius.

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