Jul 9, - The men could very possibly be very different. If you really want to hurt an Aquarian (male or female) you just have to be inconsiderate of their  Why do Aquarius people hurt the ones they love most?

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How to hurt an aquarius man

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Best Careers for an Aquarius Most Aquarians love to do something that makes them feel useful. He can become mean, even ruthless, and cause a scene that will shock everyone around.

How to hurt an aquarius man

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But the good news is that they are driven intellectually and not emotionally. Also, bear in mind an Aquarian always comes from a place of social justice. Here are some jobs that an Aquarian would be a good fit in.

How to hurt an aquarius man

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They can be calculating when deciding the time and place to flirt. He can become mean, even ruthless, and cause a scene that will shock everyone around. You can take his word for it on his ideological views, or his special subject of study.


They look at relationships as something playful. What to do next?

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He wants to learn who his partner is, what she likes, and what interests she has. This is often carried to outlandish extremes in personal relationships.

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This is the reason why they can often gather different information about the people surrounding them. When the tables are turned on him, he's capable of behaving as much like Othello as any Scorpio is. Remember that this is a fixed sign.

Apr 9, - Do aquarius' get hurt easily and how do you know if they're hurt? If you're someone who is very important to the Aquarius then they're probably. Also, the problem men in our society have confronting emotional situations No matter how much he's hurting, unless he's about to have a breakdown, he will. Nov 3, - Sometimes their attitude can hurt other people's feelings, but this is usually not their intention. An Aquarius man treasures his independence.

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Be open to any ideas he might have for repairing the damage. This job allows an Aquarian to really make a difference by helping others and improving lives. They are not likely to be content with any career that is mundane or repetitive.

How to hurt an aquarius man

Here are some jobs that an Aquarian would be a good fit in. Aquarians are known to be very amiable and outgoing, which makes people attracted to them. Aquarians tend to be very detached from the feelings that they have, but this doesn't mean that they are insensitive and unemotional.

How to hurt an aquarius man

How to hurt an aquarius man

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    As a matter of fact, they want to be as useful as possible with everything that they do. Lovers Apologizing to an Aquarian lover is a little more difficult than to a mate.

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