Nov 28, - Two dermatologists tell us exactly how to get rid of a hickey—or at the very least, how to make one look smaller and lighter in color.

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How to get ride of a hickey


Pour some onto a cotton ball and apply it directly to your hickey. To use this hickey removal method, wrap several ice cubes in a towel and press it on the affected area.

How to get ride of a hickey

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You can use any essential oil. You can also eat foods that are rich in the vitamin or buy vitamin supplement to facilitate the healing process. Apply rubbing alcohol to the hickey using a ball of cotton.

How to get ride of a hickey

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However, hickeys may linger for some time because of: It might also prevent any problems giving a hickey might cause.


Grab a spoon from your silverware drawer, pop it into the fridge for at least ten minutes to get it cold, and then rest the spoon against your hickey. Second, a hickey can cause you a measure of embarrassment or discomfort.

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Scraping This is the most painful method used to remove hickeys, but it can produce great results if you choose to use it. Cocoa butter will moisturize your skin and promote skin tissue growth. If you find this to be uncomfortable, you can do it intermittently, but in the same area, about 10 seconds each time. If you do not have access to the plant or do not want to apply the sticky substance on your skin, an Aloe Vera based cream or lotion should do the job for you.

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Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer well known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities. It is not too romantic either. How effective massaging is on a hickey depends on its severity. Alternatively, use your hair dryer to heat the area while you massage it with your fingers.

If you're young and in love, then you're probably wondering how to get rid of hickeys. Don't freak out because it's easier than you think. If you use some of these. Apr 23, - We got a doctor to explain how to minimize the damage, cover up the marking, and make sure it never happens again. Nov 28, - Two dermatologists tell us exactly how to get rid of a hickey—or at the very least, how to make one look smaller and lighter in color.

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Hickeys are initially red in color but turn dark purple or brown as they heal. You can get one at your local pharmacy. If you are not comfortable with a hickey, you can choose to conceal or remove it.

How to get ride of a hickey

Then brush over your hickey with a tiny bit of pressure for five to ten minutes. After massaging the hickey, you may notice a few outlines, but this is rare.

How to get ride of a hickey

How to get ride of a hickey

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    After scraping, your skin may be a little tender and reddened, but the redness fades a lot faster than the hickey. Rub a layer of toothpaste over the hickey gently and leave it there for several minutes.

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    A hickey is not gender-exclusive; both men and women can get one from their partners. This article is designed to improve your knowledge about hickeys such as how to remove them, hide them or give them to your partner according to your needs.

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    You should also do a skin patch test first. You can use peppermint-based toothpaste as an alternative to peppermint oil.

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