Apr 13, - If there were one sure way to become a master of female orgasms then that way would be learning how to finger a girl in just the right way.

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How to finger a woman to climax

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If you have two fingers inserted, use your thumb to rub her clit. In fact, that's how most women masturbate, because it's what actually feels the best.

How to finger a woman to climax


While there is lots of praise online for the techniques, there has also been some critical investigative journalism by Bloomberg on the organization that provides courses in Orgasmic Meditation. There are two options here: You just need to rub her clitoral hood instead. The most mind-blowing orgasms are the ones that happen as a result of trial and error with lots of communication throughout.

How to finger a woman to climax

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Make sure to experiment with the speed and length of your strokes along with the amount of pressure you apply for maximum satisfaction. The quickest, easiest thing you can do to up your chances of getting your partner off is to take the pressure off of her by telling her that there's no rush. It's also good to note that not all women make a lot of natural lube even if they're really turned on , so don't be shy about adding some manufactured lube into the mix. This clit-sensitizer lube does wonders when you use it during finger play.

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Once inside, you can simply leave your finger inserted or you can thrust it in and out. Then softly push down so that you can feel your G Spot protruding into your vagina more than normal. When the toy vibrates, the layers delicately move with it, providing four times the pleasure without overstimulating the way that larger clit stimulators can sometimes do.

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Here are some doggy style sex positions for inspiration. Before continuing on to the more advanced techniques, there are just 2 quick, but important points I need to cover:

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Also, that "something" might not expressly involve your dick since only It's kind of crazy. This also applies to anything else you put in her ass. So, why not play with parts of her clit that usually get little attention by massaging and gently squeezing it.

Oct 17, - One point echoed throughout the study was that the kind of "fingering" that actually brings women to orgasm is rubbing of the outside area. Fingering a girl into a satisfying climax may seem easy. Once you find yourself in the critical moment, you discover it can be as challenging as defusing a bomb. Aug 31, - Mysterious 3 best ways to finger a girl for an unforgettable climax that will make her come back to you.

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Again, the G Spot and A Spot are two very pleasurable areas to focus on, but as I am constantly repeating, experiment and find what is best for you. The main takeaway from these scientific studies is that while the vaginal stimulation can contribute to orgasm, most women find that their clit is the most sensitive area and should be caressed, stimulated, rubbed and loved if you want to bring to her to orgasm easily when fingering her. With just your hands, you can pleasure your woman in amazingly satisfying ways.

How to finger a woman to climax

We're not trying to get all soft here, but one woman compared the initial touch that she likes the most to rubbing honey on a butterfly's wing. A little preparation is needed: Do not squeeze the exposed part of her clit; this will hurt her!

How to finger a woman to climax

How to finger a woman to climax

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