Jul 5, - There is a thin line between being careful about money and being stingy. While it's always good to spend money wisely but being too thoughtful.

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How to deal with stingy husband

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Do not resort to threats As a man or woman, know how to tender your requests before your spouse. Unfortunately, a man who would rather part with one of his body parts than money, would hardly bother to buy his wife a gift or surprise her with something special. Do not let any man tell you that you are high maintenance, a spoilt princess, a self-entitled bXXXX, a whore, a gold digger or any other demeaning words that they use to shame you into accepting and tolerating unsavoury behaviour.

How to deal with stingy husband

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You see, a man that is serious about marrying you will not think twice about spending money on you. When discussing your financial goals, plan how much you will put toward specific savings goals, such as towards retirement or a house.

How to deal with stingy husband

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Never use threats as a way of getting what you want from him or her. Read the post below; From Mamalet wall. Women are more likely to file for divorce than the man. Talk it out with him or her in case he or she refuses to alternate between splurging and budgeting.

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My friend went ahead to tell me that the reason she hasn't been going out much is because she can't afford the aso-ebi. Little did I know that she had a stingy man for a husband.


An interesting observation that I have made is how there are a lot of predatory men, using the guise of religion, to entrap trusting, faithful women. This misogynistic man truly hates women, sees all women as whores unless of course, they are virgins, according to him and he is projecting outwards his hatred of women. Do not agree to date or marry a guy based on his words, his promises, or his outward displays of masculinity and godliness.

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Devise an alternative strategy According to www. These hypocrites want a traditional wife, but they do not want to be a traditional husband. Do not let stingy men, marriage-destroying feminists or jealous women tell you otherwise or convince you to settle for a man who expects you to provide.

Apr 21, - Rather than passing judgment (again) on your spouse's stinginess, time, help your frugal spouse do a cost-benefit analysis of his or her deal. Jul 5, - There is a thin line between being careful about money and being stingy. While it's always good to spend money wisely but being too thoughtful. To women with stingy husbands here is how to handle him; Let him know you have needs. Call up your relatives and ask for money. Buy him simple gifts. Empower yourself.

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If you go somewhere nice, he will complain about how everything is expensive and embarrass you there. She borrowed money for the completion of their house, and the husband has refused to pay back, to make matters worse, when the debtors come in search of her and start embarrasing her, he'll enter the house, lock the door and leave her fruitlessly battling the debtors. However, just because you are called to be feminine and submissive does not mean that you foolishly give yourself and your time to an ungodly, stingy, abusive or predatory man.

How to deal with stingy husband

You must clearly understand that money cannot buy feelings and such things are short lived. Get a part time job, that'll allow you have time for your family. Avoid these men like the plague!!

How to deal with stingy husband

How to deal with stingy husband

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Only may harden him or her the more. Do not even field them at all. The key to populace whether a man states a stinby with you or else wishes to waste your unspoiled is to see if he is reality on you.
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