I have dated Libra men well twice, I am a Scorpion woman my first time he was At times very jealous and always tried to justify his reasoning though I think its the latin . Whatever you do, you MUST have your own life and be able to be fulfilled with glove, but underneath that glove is an iron first that will act when forced.

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How does a libra man act when jealous

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Mercury in Libra In fact, it can lead to all sorts of arguments. Put more specifically, they develop jealousy if they feel that their social status or standing is jeopardized by whatever it is you are doing.

How does a libra man act when jealous

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It is quite popular among the fairer sex. Being a sociable man, he will always find a suitable company.

How does a libra man act when jealous

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For all its detachment brings jealousy representative air sign suffering. No exception is distrust men Libra.

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There are only a couple that tend to not have the same tendencies of the others. Two Libra men and quite the opposite of each other, the only one thing I found they had in common and according to the Libra sign is they like to dress nice and shopping is definitely true. The representative of air zodiac sign loves company, it flatters the attention of beautiful women. Since the Leo man requires lots of attention and adoration; if you deviate from giving this to him; he will become very jealous.


If he trusts you; he has no issue with you having your own personal freedom. He will see you as his and his territory. This guy is a bit of a free spirit.

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After doubting the representative of the sign is subject to the opinions of others. Jealousy undermines any, even the strongest relationship. It can really be explosive. This man cares very much about his partner and can become jealous if anything or anyone threatens the relationship he loves so much.

Jun 27, - or jealous. And above all, do not be loud or obscene: the Libra can't stand that. Their classic good looks and sleek forms make us all jealous. Libra's are up with Libra. A Libra man can be both masculine and boyish. Feb 21, - Jealousy is a very human, and often ugly, trait. Gemini trusts their partner to do what they promise and encourages everyone to have a little fun, Add a different person into the mix, and Libra will go from kind to envious. He should be afraid of losing your soul mate, be aware of its attractiveness in the Jealousy Libra men can be useful for the relationship, but it's important not to.

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For all its detachment brings jealousy representative air sign suffering. He does like some personal freedom but he may not like it if you want yours.

How does a libra man act when jealous

It is important not to go within a reasonable behavior, because a jealous man will cease to trust your beloved. The brains of men and women are wired differently.

How does a libra man act when jealous

How does a libra man act when jealous

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    He's got feelings, he's got a temper and it could be a very bad one at that, so beware! The woman, provoking jealousy, did not calculate a further consequences.

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    The Libra man is a complicated one. Names Libra Man Jealous Libra man has a light, cheerful disposition.

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